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Ashton Humidors

Ashton has now achieved its long range goal of being one of the best and most popular cigar brands in the country. But being successful has not slowed their ambition to excel. Enter Ashton Humidors, an immediate consideration into the world of top line humidors. Manufactured by Tara Cabinet Makers of Ireland (formerly Manning Humidors), judged by many as the finest humidor maker in the world, Ashton humidors are world-class from the get-go. Taking the finest aspects of the Manning Humidors and adding a variety of subtle but significant enhancements, the Ashton Humidor is everything anyone would want in a storage box for your prized possessions. They are elegant and beautifully crafted with no detail left undone. They use the finest wood veneers in the world, a specific expertise of John Harding, who has traveled the world in search of the most gorgeous, exotic woods on the planet. Ashton Humidors boast a unique cushion seal whereby the top lid fits perfectly into the unit's bottom protruding lip creating a 'whoosh' sound signifying a perfect seal and thereby perfect protection for your cigars. The finish of Ashton Humidors are extraordinary utilizing a 40 step polishing process that leaves the competition pale by comparison. If the time is near for you to step up to the finest quality in a humidor, you must consider the new Ashton Humidor as a destination that cannot be overlooked.