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'Toads R Us' Monster Deal

This divine dealio will have the entire global conclave of Toads flicking their tongues like bullwhips and abandoning their lilypads in a mass exodus for the nearest payphone, fax or carrier pigeon. Why the frenzy? We're glad you asked. You see friends, in just a short time our best-selling Toad sampler series has become a talisman of sorts for the droves of Toads who croak their praises while trolling the internet bulletin boards and chat rooms. If you're looking to become a card-carrying member of the Toad conclave, now's your chance to get your webbed feet and hands wet. Our 'Toads R Us' Monster Deal features the most revered Toad brands in existence: Avo, Camacho, La Aurora, Rocky Patel and Xen - at an elbow-dropping, competition-crushing 59% off MSRP - just $2.99 per cigar. Croak loud and proud my Toad friends!