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Argyle Dark Corojo Monster Deal

Argyle Dark Corojo is the crown jewel of the award-winning Argyle franchise. Handmade in the Dominican Republic in one of the world's premier boutique cigar factories, these cigars feature beautifully-oily Corojo wrappers and a rich blend of aged Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Medium-bodied in strength, these dandies boast a luscious, earthy flavor-core doused with savory notes of oak, cream, leather and a toasty finish. When it comes to value, Argyle Dark Corojo is cut from the same cloth as regular Argyle. At just $1.99 per cigar, this 20-cigar sampler is a magnificent, mind-blowing bargain. Get yours today!

  • Argyle Dark Corojo Monster Deal$39.95
    Includes 20 cigars:

    5 Argyle Dark Corojo Robusto
    5 Argyle Dark Corojo H-Bomb
    5 Argyle Dark Corojo Toro Grande
    5 Argyle Dark Corojo Torpedo