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Camacho 'Bold Standard' Monster Deal

Camacho recently underwent a total packaging facelift. In an attempt to reverse slumping sales and withering market share, the big wigs at Davidoff (Camacho is a Davidoff subsidiary) decided to drastically change the appearance of their coveted Camacho brand. Once an old-time brand with a classic look and feel, Camacho now boasts bright-colored bands, fancy boxes and a scorpion logo to boot. Quite a contrast. Regardless of this, the best part about the rebranding of Camacho is that something had to be done with all the old packaging. Due to our close relationship with the folks at Davidoff, as well as our mega buying power, Holt's has been handsomely appointed one of the primary liquidation merchants for all old Camacho packaging! Yes indeed. These bold boomsticks are the same Camacho cigars you know and love with the original bands for more than HALF OFF regular retail. Enjoy a market-smashing, sub-wholesale 62% off MSRP on Camacho's finest cigars!