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Old Henry 'Big Dog' Monster Deal

If your niche is large cigars, then you won't find anything better than the Old Henry 'Big Dog' Monster Deal. Old Henry Maduro Bully and Old Henry Pure Breed Grandsire are monstrous 60-ring gauge gems manufactured exclusively for Holt's by legendary cigar-maker, Jose 'Pepin' Garcia. These top-shelf delights pack a massive amalgam of big, juicy flavors to accompany their mammoth proportions. Now's your chance to savor Pepin's trademark blast of earthy spice supplemented nicely by a wide range of nuances spanning from creamy leather to nuts and toast for a mere $3.99 per cigar. Amazingly rich and satisfyingly strong, we've tacked on a bullish 40% discount on these bodacious beasts.

  • Old Henry 'Big Dog' Monster Deal$79.95
    Includes 20 cigars:

    10 Old Henry Maduro Bully
    10 Old Henry Pure Breed Grandsire