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Buzzards Banquet 3 Sampler

This sampler is dedicated to all the Value Hounds, Bargain Hunters, Closeout Vultures and Deal-Seeking Buzzards who populate our ever-burgeoning customer mailing list. In honor of these fine fellows, we're serving up a piping-hot platter filled with 30 of our most affordable value boomsticks for 71+% off MSRP. Yes siree. That's 15 different handmade cigars (2 each) for the rock-bottom price of just $1.33 apiece! If your pulse just quickened then you're a true blue value nut, as well as the target market for this sampler. Over the past few months, our Customer Service Team has been getting bombarded with emails and phone calls from value hounds barking for a sampler such as this. You asked for it and we delivered. In the interest of customer satisfaction, you now have the opportunity to sample 15 of our most popular, value-priced cigars without having to purchase 15 different boxes or bundles. Sure, this sampler isn't for everybody. In fact, if you consider yourself to be a fine cigar connoisseur, we urge you strongly NOT to purchase this sampler. However folks, if value is the name of your game, the Buzzards Banquet will have you in hog heaven. Bon Appetite!

  • Buzzards Banquet 3 Sampler$39.95
    Includes 30 cigars:

    2 Argyle Pyramid
    2 Argyle Dark Corojo Rogue
    2 Argyle Maduro Robusto
    2 Babalu Churchill
    2 Blenders Clearing House Robusto Maduro
    2 Bottom Shelf Churchill
    2 Don Lino Dark horse Robusto
    2 Fine Catch Trout
    2 Herfdog Angry Mutt
    2 Par Eagle
    2 Rocky Patel Mulligans Slice
    2 Rocky Patel Mulligans Clubhouse Select Hook
    2 Smokin' Sandwich Robusto
    2 Top Hat Ritz
    2 Viking Village Thor