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Room 101 Cigars
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Room 101 Cigars

Room 101 is a small-batch boutique brand developed by Matt Booth and manufactured by Davidoff of Geneva. Handcrafted in Honduras, Room 101 is characterized by the artsy themes, unusual packaging and unconventional concepts each release features. Creamy, medium-bodied profiles are blended with Davidoff’s precise standards for construction and highlight tasting notes of cedar, figs and spices. Experience consistent flavors and comical antics from an in-demand boutique cigar at an irresistible value with Room 101 today.


  • Room 101 Daruma Gold by Davidoff

    Room 101 Daruma Gold by Davidoff

    Price Per Cigar:
    $3.49 - $4.99
    3 options available
    3.3750 4 Reviews
    Strength: Medium-Full
    Country: Honduras
    Wrapper: San Andres

    Named for a traditional Japanese Zen doll symbolizing determination and luck, Daruma Gold proves the fellas at Davidoff may have turned to the gods to move a generous excess of limited edition Room 101 cigars. When packaging Room 101 in cereal boxes was met with bewilderment and failed to produce many buyers, Davidoff decided to break out the lucky charms in search of good fortune. Luckily, your pals at Holt’s specialize in un-cluttering warehouse aisles. Instead of praying over campfires, we simply flipped on our Casio calculators and discovered there was plenty of ‘room’ in the profit margin on Daruma Gold to cut the price. Enjoy an oily San Andrés wrapper over a complex, medium to full-bodied mix of Brazilian, Honduran and Dominican long-filler tobaccos with engaging hints of cedar, chocolate and espresso. At OVER HALF OFF, Daruma Gold promises to please Blowout Buzzards who’ve been stroking their lucky rabbits’ feet for weeks dreaming of deified discounts on famous, top-shelf brands like Davidoff’s Room 101. Bon Appétit!

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  • Room 101 Master Collection Two by Davidoff

    Room 101 Master Collection Two by Davidoff

    Price Per Cigar:
    $2.59 - $3.99
    4 options available
    4.6667 3 Reviews
    Strength: Medium-Full
    Country: Honduras
    Wrapper: Honduran

    The fellas at Davidoff have mastered the art of rolling underperforming boutique sequels under the Room 101 franchise for a sea of hungry limited edition fanatics that fail to materialize. None the less, top-shelf gems like the 90-rated Room 101 Master Collection Two spell absolute mayhem at the Holt’s checkout when premium price cuts up to 68% off MSRP apply. Golden-brown Honduran wrappers cradle a complex combo of Nicaraguan and Honduran long-fillers in a medium to full-bodied blend that originally premiered with prices in the neighborhood of ten-bucks-a-stick. For Closeout Canaries who cram the rafters in our warehouse waiting for a taste of coffee, leather and dried fruit straight out of the Davidoff factory, it’s time to leave the nest. Swoop down and stockpile your favorite sizes for as low as $2.59 per cigar before news of our discounts hits the street and tweets our inventory into extinction!

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  • Room 101 Uncle Lee by Davidoff

    Room 101 Uncle Lee by Davidoff

    Price Per Cigar:
    Only: $3.49
    1 option available
    4.6667 21 Reviews
    Strength: Medium
    Country: Honduras
    Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

    The folks over at Davidoff have been busy hustling their factory into overdrive, cranking out trendy limited editions like the Room 101 Uncle Lee. Unfortunate-Lee, their cigar-rollers didn’t get the memo that production was slated to be capped at a few thousand boxes, and well, their train kept a rollin’ all night long. Before they knew it, a bountiful supply of these cartoon-festooned boomsticks began out-stacking the demand like beef patties at a vegan picnic. No worries, your pals at Holt’s know every brand throws an air ball once in a while, and these glistening Davidoff-drafted Diademas landed directly in our boutique blowout bin, in 10-count boxes, at a jaw-dropping 50% off MSRP! Cocoa-hued Ecuador Habano wrappers cloak a marvelous mix of long-fillers from Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Lick your thrifty chops over Uncle Lee’s medium-bodied profile of cedar, figs and creamy spices for just $4.99 per cigar! You can generous-Lee pass ‘em out to your cigar-mooching buddies and keep the bling in your wallet, son!

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  • Room 101 Ashtray

    Room 101 Ashtray


    If you’re tired of running out of room for your pals’ stogies every time a bigger group than you anticipated decides to partake in enjoying a fine cigar, pick up the Room 101 Ashtray. No man cave can have too many parking spaces for tasty cigars, and the sleek, red and black ceramic finish is sure to stand out from other ashtrays you may have bought in the past. Known for crafting a handful of boutique blends for the Davidoff brand, Room 101 brandishes artful and unusual packaging. Impress your cigar-ransacking pals when you pull out the striking Room 101 Ashtray today.

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