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Partagas Butler Tray

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Throw your next banquet or show up for your next hors d'oeuvre convention in complete style with your very own Partagas Butler Tray. Partagas is a famous brand name synonymous with fine cigars around the globe. However, the folks at Partagas have branched out into unchartered territory recently by getting into the butler game. An elegant Partagas logo adorns your shiny new butler tray with an intention to impress everyone at the party who reaches out for their next deviled egg. You are practically guaranteed to be the most popular butler in town, so you might want to invest in an extra pair of white gloves and practice your best British accent with every minute of free time available. Everyone from Mr. Belvedere to Alfred Pennyworth will look on you with envy. Add this to the cart without hesitation, Jeeves!

Partagas Butler Tray

Partagas Butler Tray
$50.00 $39.95