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  • Boveda Humidification Packs
    When it comes to keeping cigars properly humidified, the buck stops with Boveda. Boveda is the worldwide leader in humidification technology; allowing you to achieve and maintain perfect humidity levels without the ongoing hassle of a humidification device and distilled water. Getting started with Boveda couldn't be easier, just add one packet for every 25 cigars in your humidor. Here at Holt's, we are a bunch of true-blue cigar nuts and we all use Boveda. It is simply the best and easiest way to keep your cigars fresh. Choose either 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, or 75%. It's that simple. Each packet lasts for approximately two months. For even further convenience, Boveda now offers an 84% humidity seasoning kit for your humidor and a calibration kit for your hygrometer.
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