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Nat Sherman Host

These Honduran-made cigars were a personal favorite of Nat Sherman. They feature a golden-brown Connecticut wrapper that swaddles a mild and mellow blend of premium long-filler tobaccos cultivated in Honduras. Sweet, earthy notes dominate the smoke along with an underlying rich and smooth amalgam of vanilla and nuts.

Country of Origin: Honduras
Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Connecticut Ecuador
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran

  • Hamilton

    Length: 5.5 Ring: 44  
    Packing: Qty:
  • Hampton

    Length: 7 Ring: 50  
    Packing: Qty:
  • Hanover (Torpedo)

    Length: 5.5 Ring: 56  
    Packing: Qty:
  • Harrington

    Length: 6 Ring: 48  
    Packing: Qty:
  • Hobart

    Length: 5 Ring: 50  
    Packing: Qty:
  • Hunter

    Length: 6 Ring: 44  
    Packing: Qty:
  • Hyde

    Length: 6 Ring: 60  
    Packing: Qty: