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Argyle 'Big Rig' Super Sampler

Argyle is 'The Most Trusted Name in Value Cigars.' Handmade in the Dominican Republic in the world's leading boutique cigar factory, Argyle boasts the flavor and construction of cigars 5 times its price. This magnanimous 'Big Rig' sampler is a 30-cigar truckload of Argyle's finest for 62% off MSRP. If you're seeking value in its purest form, buy Argyle today!

  • Argyle 'Big Rig' Super Sampler Temporarily out of stock, must backorder$49.95
    Includes 30 cigars:

    5 Argyle Robusto
    5 Argyle Toro
    5 Argyle Maduro Robusto
    5 Argyle Maduro Toro
    5 Argyle Dark Corojo Robusto
    5 Argyle Dark Corojo Rogue (Pigtail)