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Rocky Patel 'Doughboy' Monster Deal

Our good friend, Rocky Patel, is the proud 'Patriarch of Cigar Deals.' Over the past few years, Holt's has bought and sold over 100,000 deeply discounted RP samplers. Speaking of deep discounts... This 20-cigar RP smorgasbord is poppin' fresh with Rocky Patel's finest plus-sized 6 x 60 cigars, including the 92-rated Vintage 1990; the 90-rated Renaissance; and Rocky's very own personal favorite cigar, Mulligans. To top that off, we clobbered the price down to just $2.49 per cigar. That's a market-busting, competition-crushing 82% off MSRP! Holt's is your #1 source in the world for dirt-cheap Rocky Patel cigars. Enjoy!

  • Rocky Patel 'Doughboy' Monster Deal$49.95
    Includes 20 cigars:

    4 RP Vintage 1990 Sixty
    4 RP Mulligans Fat Shot
    4 RP Mulligans Clubhouse Select Fat Shot
    4 RP Mulligans Masters Collection Golden Bear
    4 RP Renaissance Sixty