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'The Four Horsemen' Super Sampler

The Four Horsemen Super Sampler is comprised of an all-star backfield of top-shelf cigars hailing from the world's preeminent cigar manufacturers. Ashton ESG and Arturo Fuente Anejo were each awarded an epic 94-rating and showcase the well-honed blending expertise and dedication of Carlito Fuente in crafting exclusive and rare masterpieces. The 94-rated 'Crown Jewel' of the heralded La Aroma de Cuba franchise, La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva, is passionately produced by the masterful, '#1 Cigar of the Year' award recipient, Jose 'Pepin' Garcia. The 94-rated Padron 1964 Anniversary exemplifies the supreme quality, consistency and excellence cigar connoisseurs demand. Reward yourself with the most in-demand and hard-to-find collection of cigars in the world this holiday season. Medium to full in body, sublime and sophisticated notes of dried fruits and chocolate truffles are balanced by an outstanding peppery spice. Every blissful puff awaits your indulgence.