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'Ode to Toads' Monster Deal

For those about to croak, we salute you! Since its inception, our best-selling Toad-themed samplers have leapfrogged to the very top of the sales charts in record time. Pajama-clad and perched atop lily pads, thrifty Toads know value when they see it and immediately infiltrate web forums to croak the praises of each brand-spanking new installment added to the Toad franchise. Our 'Ode to Toads' Monster Deal features some of the most revered Toad brands in existence such as Avo, Partagas, Rocky Patel and Romeo y Julieta at a toad-pleasing 64% off MSRP - just $2.99 per cigar. Cancel your daily hibernation and hop on over to the nearest phone, fax machine or computer to reserve yours today!