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Don Lino 'Greatest Hits' Monster Deal

During the Cigar Boom of the mid 1990s, Don Lino was a widely respected, highly regarded brand that appeared just about everywhere cigars were sold. After a brief stint of relevancy, Don Lino was demoted to the bargain bin, never to be seen or heard from again. Until now. Realizing the untapped potential and big upside of Don Lino, your pals at Holt's single-handedly resurrected the once-heralded Don Lino brand from infinite obscurity. The miraculous rebirth of Don Lino is built upon the combination of respectable quality and rock-bottom prices. This sampler is a connoisseur-caliber compilation of Don Lino's Greatest Hits for a Billboard chart-topping 81% off MSRP - just $1.99 per cigar! Order now and order often, friends.

  • Don Lino 'Greatest Hits' Monster Deal$39.95
    Includes 20 cigars:

    4 Don Lino Classic Robusto
    4 Don Lino Millenium Toro
    4 Don Lino Casa Verde Churchill
    4 Don Lino Dark Horse Churchill
    4 Don Lino Trojan Horse Gladiator