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'Dapper Don' Monster Deal

This 20-cigar sampler is dedicated to all the Dapper Dons and Frugal Fashionistas who demand the absolute most for the absolute least. Just like a fine tailor, your pals at Holts have your measurements on file and know exactly what you want as well as what you really need. For a mere $2.24 per cigar - a seam-splitting, competition-collapsing 67% off MSRP - you'll be stylin' and profilin' with an uber-juicy mild to medium-bodied selection starring A-list cigar superstars: Argyle, Avo, Don Lino and Don Melo. Enjoy!

  • 'Dapper Don' Monster Deal$44.95
    Includes 20 cigars:

    5 Argyle Robusto
    5 Avo Robusto
    5 Don Lino Classic Robusto
    5 Don Melo Robusto