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  • Ashton Car Ashtray $90.00
    The best looking car you'll ever sit your ash down in. Qty:  
  • Ashton Ice Carved Crystal Ashtray$150.00
    Signify your love of fine cigars with a dashing Ashton Ice Carved Crystal Ashtray. The substantial weight and sleek look of carved crystal make smoking your favorite cigars a classy occasion every time. Order yours and find a sweet spot for display today! Qty:  
  • Ashton Black Ashtray Small$24.00
    This slightly smaller incarnation of Ashton's classic ceramic ashtray may hold less but it still maintains the stylish sturdiness showcased by its larger kin. Qty:  
  • Ashton Black Ashtray Large$29.95
    Ashton Ceramic Ashtrays represent the perfect balance between form and function! They are highly stylish and at the same time incredibly sturdy. These ashtrays work great, and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Qty:  
  • Ashton White Ashtray Small$24.00
    Ashton White Ashtray Small is perfectly scaled-down for an intimate smoking setting or a smaller surface in your beloved man cave. Increase the classiness of your favorite smoking room with a convenient and elegant eggshell white ceramic ashtray. All of our ashtrays are packaged securely for a safe arrival direct to your doorstep! Qty:  
  • Ashton White Ashtray Large$29.95
    Add elegance with ease to any smoking soiree with this gorgeous White Ashton Ashtray, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Qty:  
  • Holt's Gray Ceramic Ashtray$20.00
    These are great ashtrays for the back deck, porch or any outdoor (or indoor) environment. Their durable, ceramic design resists fading and wear and provides ample space for any shape and size of cigar. Qty:  
  • La Aroma de Cuba Ashtray$30.00
    The La Aroma de Cuba Ashtray is clean, simple and elegant. The only thing better than this ashtray is the cigars themselves! Qty:  
  • La Aroma de Cuba Car Ashtray$90.00
    A car from another time for your cigar from another time (about an hour ago). Qty:  
  • La Aroma de Cuba Navy Ashtray$29.95
    Lay your cigars down to rest in this stylish La Aroma de Cuba Navy Ashtray! Qty:  
  • La Aroma de Cuba Red Ashtray$29.95
    Keep your cigars cozy and safe in this fire engine red La Aroma de Cuba ashtray. Qty:  
  • La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Ceramic Ashtray$29.95
    This beautiful ashtray is the perfect receptacle for an evening's worth of spent cigars. Qty:  
  • San Cristobal Sky Blue Ashtray$29.95
    This Ashtray will make every bit as bold of an impression as the cigars it was named after. The San Cristobal Sky Blue Ashtray is solidly constructed and will accommodate up to four cigars. Qty:  
  • San Cristobal Glass Ashtray$19.95
    This glass ashtray blends effortlessly in any setting with its colorful and iconic artwork. Qty:  
  • San Cristobal Square Ashtray$40.00
    Keep paradise close with this San Cristobal Ashtray! Qty:  
  • Stinky Ashtray $19.95
    Our buddy Stinky did a fantastic job designing this ashtray. Here is why we like this ashtray so much... First off, the bowl is humongous - big and deep enough to accommodate an entire evening's worth of ashes. Secondly, the four oval stirrups are able to hold cigars of all different shapes and sizes. Thirdly, the stirrups are elevated so your cigar is able to avoid all contact with the messy communal ash pile - this is a huge plus. The Holt's Tasting Committee is a big proponent of this ashtray. We bring it out for each and every one of our grand tastings. The polished stainless steel finish is heat resistant and easily wiped clean. Therefore, cleaning time is minimal. This is the quintessential utilitarian ashtray! Qty:  
  • Stinky Holt's Herf Edition Ashtray$29.95
    Our buddy Stinky has done it again. Now share an evening with your smoking buddies without ever interrupting the flow by emptying the ashtrays. This titanic bowl will hold the remains of an entire evenings-worth of smoking pleasure shared between you and your five best buds. Qty: