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Ashton Cabinet Selection

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The Ashton Cabinet Selection is a phenomenal cigar extolled worldwide for marvelous flavor and construction. A breathtaking chestnut colored Connecticut shade-grown wrapper coddles a monumental medley of extra-creamy 4 and 5-year old Dominican tobaccos. The wrapper glistens with an awe-inspiring oily smoothness. These wrappers are so smooth they'll make your satin bed sheets feel like sandpaper! Handmade in the Dominican Republic in gourmet fashion by the most accomplished rollers in the Fuente factory, these cigars are an example of true artisan craftsmanship. The flavor is mild- to medium-bodied, rich and smooth with a subtle almost vanilla-like sweetness. Carlos Fuente Jr. blended this cigar and he say's... "I love the Ashton Cabinet. This is a blend I created with the goal in mind of balance and richness. Not strength, but richness. You know, the type of cigar that fills your nose and mouth with an incredible mix of flavors and zero harshness." You may not believe our praises, but Carlito's praises are as good as gold.
Ashton Cabinet Selection is truly a cigar not to be missed!

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Strength: Mild to Medium
Wrapper: USA/Connecticut
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican

  • #1 (Perfecto)

    Length: 9 Ring: 52  
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  • #2 (Perfecto)

    Length: 7 Ring: 48  
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  • #3 (Perfecto)

    Length: 6 Ring: 46  
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  • #4 - New Size!

    Length: 5.75 Ring: 46  
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  • #6

    Length: 5.5 Ring: 50  
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  • #7

    Length: 6.25 Ring: 52  
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  • #8

    Length: 7 Ring: 49  
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  • #10 (Perfecto)

    Length: 7.5 Ring: 52  
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  • Belicoso

    Length: 5.25 Ring: 52  
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  • Pyramid

    Length: 6.25 Ring: 52  
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  • Tres Petite

    Length: 4.38 Ring: 42  
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