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Rocky Patel Renaissance Maduro Robusto Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

In this edition of Grant’s Rant, I’m reviewing the 5 x 50 Rocky Patel Renaissance Maduro Robusto. I was initially drawn to this particular cigar because of its striking cocoa-hued Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The paltry $2.75 price tag was equally enticing. Imagine that!

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed hundreds of cigars from Rocky Patel’s diverse portfolio. Our warehouse is stuffed with so many of the best Rocky Patel cigars, it’s tough to choose. I’ve previously reviewed, and frequently revisit, the sultry Rocky Patel Renaissance with its shimmering Ecuador Sumatra wrapper. I’m a diehard fan of full-bodied, balanced cigars at bargain-basement prices. Although I’m a man of simple tastes, my finely tuned palate can detect intricate nuances in a cigar’s blend. Without further ado, join me for an unabashed review of the Rocky Patel Renaissance Maduro Robusto.

My pre-light inspection reveals a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with minimal vein structure that is thick and supple. It’s densely packed and heavy in the hand for a Robusto-sized cigar. The nearly seamless cap yields easily to my battle-worn, razor-sharp guillotine cutter. The cold draw caresses the palate with chocolate ganache, damp cedar, and a lingering cinnamon-like spice. The draw offered the perfect resistance despite the cigar’s heft.

The Robusto lights easily. As my flame engulfs the foot of the cigar, cumulonimbus-sized clouds of fragrant, snow-white smoke erupt. The aroma is punctuated with alluring notes of cedar, cocoa, and oil-tanned leather.

During the first third of the cigar, its rich, sweet earthiness is supplanted with brawny notes of red pepper and tart, ripened black cherries. An interesting transition in strength occurs. The solid, medium-bodied Renaissance Maduro ticks the throttle to a tongue-tingling, full-bodied profile that commands your attention. The transition is a hair shy of knee buckling on the strength meter and a bit surprising.

A razor-sharp, slow and steady burn transpires over the next 40 minutes. The cigar’s intensity drops back to an appealing medium to full-bodied smoke. Its firm ash lands in the ashtray with a resounding thud after nearly two inches.

After 50 minutes elapse, I let the cigar extinguish itself in the ashtray. I’m truly surprised at the depth and transitions of taste in this wallet-friendly fan favorite. You’d be fiscally challenged to find a better handmade, long-filler cigar for less than $3 apiece.

In retrospect, this Honduran-drafted dynamo checked off all of the boxes on my list for flavor, strength, construction, consistency, and cost.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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