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'Freedom' Super Sampler

Introducing the 'Freedom' Super Sampler! This monumental assortment of world-class cigars has officially been crowned 'The Greatest Sampler of All Time' and is only available at Holt's. Available in extremely limited quantities, the 'Freedom' Super Sampler is a stunning 12-cigar medley that features 2 cigars each of the finest and most incredibly rare blends ever produced. While supplies last, you have access to the impossible-to-find Fuente Fuente Opus X Forbidden X Toro, the ultra-rare Ashton ESG 24-Year Salute, the perfectly aged Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo, an extraordinarily unique La Flor Dominicana Ligero Salomon, the reigning 2014 '#1 Cigar of the Year' Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado, as well as a previous '#1 Cigar of the Year' winner, Flor de las Antillas Toro. Not only are you getting a distinguished and original collection of cigars with the 'Freedom' Super Sampler for $125, but you're also saving an unheard-of 38% off MSRP on epic, rare blends. In addition, 100% of all proceeds from this sampler will go directly to the Cigar Rights of America (CRA), an organization which is actively fighting day and night to defend premium cigars from undue FDA regulation. Order your 'Freedom' Super Sampler today! Supplies are extremely limited and available only at Holt's.

Sampler includes:

  • 2 - Ashton ESG 24-Year Salute (Perfecto) (6.625 x 48)
  • 2 - Flor de las Antillas Toro (6 x 52)
  • 2 - Fuente Fuente Opus X Forbidden X Toro (6.375 x 49)
  • 2 - La Flor Dominicana Ligero Salomon (7 x 64)
  • 2 - Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado (6.5 x 52)
  • 2 - Padron 1964 Anniversary Exclusivo (5.5 x 50)

'Freedom' Super Sampler

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'Freedom' Super Sampler
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