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How Long Do Cigar Cutters Last?

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Shane K.

There’s nothing like cutting a cigar with a shiny pair of razor-sharp blades on a new cutter. But how long do cigar cutters last before the luster wears off? Years ago when Xikar introduced a lifetime warranty on its cutters and lighters, other brands followed suit. It’s an excellent strategy for creating brand loyalty. Once your cutter gets dull and needs to be sharpened, just send it back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Don’t continue to use a dull cutter when it’s time to replace it. A dull cutter can do more damage than good to the end of your cigar.

How Long Do Cigar Cutters Last?

On average, a high-quality cigar cutter lasts for about two years, but it all depends on the frequency of use. Some guys only smoke four cigars a year, others smoke ten per week. It also depends on the quality of your cutter. Most of us keep a handful of cheapo cutters stashed around the man cave. The inexpensive plastic ones you get for a buck or two at your local cigar shop aren’t going to last for ten years. Higher-quality cutters from Xikar, Colibri, and Visol will last a couple years or longer.

Extend the Life of Your Cigar Cutter

Here are a few simple tips to preserve the lifespan of your cigar cutter.

  1. Don’t saturate your cigars with saliva before you cut them. A lot of guys like to twist their cigars around in their mouths like popsicles before cutting them. Don’t do that. Cut your cigar while it’s dry. Moisture and oil reduce your cutter’s performance.


  1. Cut above the shoulder. The shoulder on a cigar is outlined by the cap. It’s the rounded portion of a standard Parjeo. Cutting your cigars too deeply, or below the cap, puts more strain on the blades and requires a more forceful cut. Slice just top of the cap off, or roughly the circumference of a dime, for a clean and easy cut. The wrapper leaf is paper thin and that’s the only portion of the cigar you need to remove in order to pass air through it.


  1. If you chomp on your cigar and turn it into a shredded wet mess while you’re smoking, saliva, oil, and bits of tobacco will jam up your cutter if you have to cut more off to keep the draw open. Avoid cutting your cigar after chomping on it if you can.


  1. It may be tempting to cut other items with your cigar cutter when you’ve got it in your pocket, but stop. Save your clothing tags, bananas, and coaxial cables for devices better equipped to slice through them than your cigar cutter.

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