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How to Choose a Cigar Lighter

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Owning a reliable cigar lighter that looks cool and feels great in your hands is a must if you smoke cigars. Properly lighting your cigar ensures it will burn evenly and taste its best. It can be dizzying searching for the perfect cigar lighter online. Cigar lighters are constantly evolving as the best brands embrace new technology and innovation when they create new models. Cigar lighters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. Some come free with a box of cigars and some cost more than a mortgage payment. What gives?

Some cigar lighters are made from lightweight materials that elegantly conform to the contours of your palm, while bigger, beefier models require a forklift to pick them up off the coffee table in your man cave. Cheapo disposable lighters are great for the golf course and won’t cause a panic if your buddy accidentally drops it in a pond or pockets it all the way back to Minnesota after visiting for the weekend.

You can always stand to have a few cigar lighters for different occasions. Here are a few useful tips to consider when you’re shopping for a lighter.

What to Look for in a Cigar Lighter: Tips for Buying

Read some reviews and do some research. Most guys go with the lighter that fires up the fastest and feels best in their hands. Get a cigar lighter that makes you point a thumb at your chest in front of the mirror when you’re asking yourself, “who looks the coolest lighting up a cigar?”

When Size Matters

If you like to smoke big, fat cigars that hover around a 60-ring gauge and up, a torch is for you. Try a double, triple, or quad-jet on for size to guarantee you can fire up the entire circumference of your cigar quickly. Some guys opt for a Bunsen-burner-style torch. Torch lighters with multiple jets and a big gas tank are great for guys who love big fat cigars.

When Location Matters

If you’re a professional mountain-climber or a helicopter pilot, consider a high-altitude edition from Blazer or the Xikar Stratosphere II Torch. Lightweight but rugged, these models integrate convenient snap-on caps that keep sand and moisture at bay when you’re scaling a peak or camping out in the sticks. Temperature and barometric pressure impact the way fuel is distributed from a cigar lighter, and certain models overcome the elements better than others. A see-through tank is always great so you know how much juice you’ve got left before you’re out of gas.

Little Features That Make a Big Difference

Small details make a difference when it comes to a lighter’s performance and longevity.

  • Fans of ergonomics love single-action ignition, or lighters that fire up with the minimal amount of fuss. No one likes to accidentally incinerate a finger or thumb because the flame is angled in an uncomfortable direction.
  • A retractable lid is ideal for keeping your jets free of pocket lint when your lighter is tucked in your pants or breast pocket. Lint can clog your jets and slow the delivery of butane, lessening the impact the flame delivers.
  • A fuel indicator or window that allows you to see how much gas you’ve got in the tank is great when you want to avoid groveling to your pals to bum a light.

 Getting a Cigar Lighter as a Gift

When you’re buying a lighter as a gift for a cigar lover, details like performance, warranty, and price are important. In addition, don’t forget about color and finish. Get a lighter that matches the personal taste of your favorite aficionado. Some guys like bright and sporty lighters they can toss in a motorcycle saddle bag. Others prefer a more conservative model that slides into a breast pocket without leaving a bulge.   

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