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How to Smoke Cigars Indoors

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Shane K.

A hundred years ago, who would have thought smoking a cigar inside would be a big deal? Nobody. With prohibitive smoking bans in effect virtually everywhere you turn today, it’s tough to find a quality place to sit back and smoke besides your local cigar shop. And that’s if you’re lucky enough to have a cigar shop that’s A: nearby, and B: has seating or a lounge. That leaves the great outdoors as the best place to fire up, but outside isn’t always ideal.

There are plenty of cigar lovers who swear by smoking indoors. There’s no wind. You can get a much better sense of your cigar’s room note. Ashes won’t go flying everywhere. And, you don’t have to bundle up or peel off extra layers. If you can’t afford to send your whole household away for a month or so while you stay home to smoke, here’s a few helpful hints to make home sweet home a cigar-friendly sanctuary.

Get an Exhaust Fan

Crack a window for starters. Smoking room ventilation is essential to smoke cigars inside. If you can crack two and get a cross breeze going, that may be all you need. Otherwise, head to Home Depot or Lowes and pick up an exhaust fan. There’s a number of affordable models that can easily fit inside a standard window frame. Flip the switch and suck the smoke out while you puff away from the comfort of your man cave or favorite chair.

It’s also a good idea to cover your return vents and toss a towel down at the bottom of the door to the room your smoking in. This way, your cigar smoke can’t seep into the ductwork or hallway in your house. Once cigar smoke gets into your HVAC system it can get circulated to every room, including wherever the Mrs. dwells, and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Run an Air Purifier

Even with an exhaust fan running while you smoke, it’s worthwhile to consider getting an air purifier. You can pick up a smaller tabletop unit or a more aggressive floor-standing model. Air purifiers work wonders at cleaning the air in your favorite cigar-smoking room. Companies like Rabbit Air and Dyson make a wide variety of models. Plus, air purifiers get rid of all kinds of stale unwanted aromas from cooking, pets, mildew and more. Many eliminate the majority of household allergens.

Cigar-Friendly Furniture

One of the most obvious ways to get away with smoking indoors is to choose furniture for your smoking room that isn’t too fluffy or draped in fabric that easily absorbs scents. Hardwood floors, hard surfaces (like wood or glass), and leather or vinyl-covered seating won’t hang onto cigar smoke like carpeting and polyester or cotton cushions. Make cigar-friendly choices with your décor and you’re ten times more likely to get away with having pals over to join you indoors for a fine cigar.   

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