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What Happens If You Smoke Too Fast?

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Shane K.

Smoking a cigar too fast can make you sick, but there are ways to combat nicotine overload. Smoking too fast will also cause your cigar to burn hot and taste bitter. We smoke premium cigars to savor the taste and aroma, not to get a buzz, but if you puff too fast and too aggressively on your cigar, you can wind up feeling woozy. Follow our quick tips for how to cure cigar sickness and how to avoid it in the first place.


Do Not Inhale

Rule number one when it comes to smoking a cigar: do not inhale. This critical piece of advice is considered sacred by most cigar smokers. Cigars are very different from cigarettes. Cigars are made from one-hundred percent premium long-filler tobaccos with no additives or chemicals.

Because cigars are handcrafted from pure tobacco, they contain more nicotine than cigarettes, for example, and, if you inhale them, you’re likely to cough, and a large amount of nicotine will enter your bloodstream quickly. If you’re new to cigars, review our tips on how to smoke a cigar. Draw the smoke into your palate and gently push it out after a few seconds, but don’t suck it into your diaphragm or lungs.

Don’t Smoke on an Empty Stomach

A little food goes a long way. Eat before you smoke, even if it’s just a snack or an energy bar. Smoking cigars on an empty stomach is never a good idea because nicotine is ingested into your bloodstream faster. You’re more likely to become nauseous when you smoke on an empty stomach.

Smoke Slow

Smoke slow to fully appreciate the taste of your cigar. Take a puff every thirty seconds to a minute. Give the smoke a moment to coat your palate and your nasal cavity, then expel it gradually. You’ll pick up more of the nuances in a cigar’s flavor profile when you smoke it slowly. Puffing too fast and frequently leads to a charry, burnt taste.

Plus, nicotine has a latent effect, meaning by the time too much is in your system, more is making its way through your bloodstream. Smoke slow and consume your cigar at a manageable pace. If you’re enjoying any spirits with your cigar, it’s especially important to smoke slower and sip your drink gradually, too. Alcohol amplifies the effects of nicotine. It’s totally fine to set your cigar down and pause if you think it’s beginning to get too strong.

Sugar Is Good to Counter Nicotine

Eat a piece of chocolate, sip a soft drink, or even eat a packet of sugar. Sugar is a fast and easy cure for nicotine sickness because it counters the effects of nicotine. Drink water and stay hydrated while you’re smoking as well.

Smoke Milder Cigars

Smoke milder cigars and work your way up to full-bodied blends. Mellow, easygoing cigars like Ashton Classic and Macanudo Cafe make excellent beginner cigars because they don’t possess huge amounts of nicotine, but they’ve got a ton of flavor. Cigars that are described as full-bodied, powerful, or strong will deliver more nicotine than milder cigars.

Smoke a Cigar Size You Have Time For

Size is important too. Don’t try to smoke an hourlong cigar in thirty minutes. You’re better off smoking a smaller size, like a Corona or a Robusto, if you haven’t got enough time for a Double Corona, for example. Gauge how much time you have for a cigar and choose a size that suits your schedule. Check out our guide for how long it takes to smoke cigars of different sizes.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re deciding what cigar to smoke next and how to get the most out of the experience. Smoke cigars like a pro and you’ll never get nauseous from smoking too fast.

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