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Comfortable seating is a must in a man cave. Who doesn’t want to sit in the lap of luxury with a good cigar and a scotch? We drool over photos of palatial basements outfitted with coffered ceilings, billiards tables, jerseys, and jukeboxes. For some, that’s reality. For others, a man cave is a milk crate in the garage. Bottom line – you want to sit down when you smoke.

The perfect cigar smoking chair is made of leather, or vinyl, or a faux leather material, because it won’t absorb the smoke. There are 8 types of leather, including a faux option, to consider. Material counts for a lot, but so does comfort. Here’s a mix of traditional and contemporary chairs to look for when you’re setting up your man cave for maximum relaxation.

The Classic Cigar Armchair

You’ll never go wrong with a classic cigar armchair. The Club Armchair became popular in the late 1800s in gentlemen’s clubs in England and France, but today is closely associated with Art Deco aesthetics that emerged as WWI got underway. It’s easy to image a movie director puffing away in an ornate office during the Golden Age of Hollywood filmmaking (1913-1969) with a rocks glass in hand. Club Armchairs are found in the finest cigar lounges today. Their lower profile is comfortable and frequently finished in ultra-smooth tobacco or cognac-colored hides.

Sit with Aristocrats

Another, more historic, classic is the Wingback Chair. First introduced in England in the 1600s, you’ll find them in castles and libraries, typically near a towering fireplace. Its wings are either flat or scroll into the armrests and were designed to shelter the sitter from drafts. The taller profile of a Wingback is often tufted, includes plenty of cushion, and sits on polished wooden legs. If you’ve got a butler, have him fetch a brandy with your cigar while you finish the next chapter in your book before bedtime.

Who’s the Boss?

When your smoking room at home is also your office, make decisions like a bigshot leaning back in a contoured Executive Chair. Get a big desk to kick your feet up on while you swivel in the seat and tease your mustache. Executive Chairs roll over hard floors easily and can be made of lightweight mesh with plenty of ergonomic adjustments, or look more like a luxurious leather Wingback on wheels.

Recline Like a King

A good ol’ La-Z-Boy Recliner with a remote sitting on the armrest spells pure heaven for plenty of cigar lovers. Recliners can be frumpy and simple with a manual crank on the side to kick up the foot rest when you don’t feel like rocking back and forth. Many of them spin. More advanced recliners come with electronic settings you can program for your posture. It’s the only chair on our list with a doily on the headrest.

For the Home Theater Enthusiast

When your flat screen is the focus in your man cave, pop some popcorn and crunch it from a row of home theater seats. The stay-at-home moviegoer can watch a big game with his or her buddies in surround-sound bliss. Insane upgrades like automatic footrests, walnut burl cupholders, and customized neck and lumbar supports will lead you to believe you’re sitting in the back of a Rolls Royce.

Belly Up to the Bar

Most aficionados couldn’t image a man cave without barstools. Before you stock your at-home cigar bar with the right libations and glassware, pick out some stools for your pals to perch on. We don’t need Prohibition to know that building a bar at home is the ultimate luxury. No one can complain while you smoke in the privacy of your very own cigar bar.

Stick with Simplicity

Even frugal aficionados can easily afford a few good lawn chairs. Fold ‘em up and store ‘em in the garage without worrying what they smell like after you’ve been smoking. Folding chairs can be great indoors and out. Last-minute guests always have a place to sit, and they’re easy to hose down after a backyard herf. Or, make your front porch more attractive with a pair of classic wooden Adirondack chairs. Your neighbors will line up to gain admission.   

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