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In the age of influencers, cigar lovers look for experts to tell them what to smoke and answer every cigar-related question under the sun. Who are the coolest cigar influencers you should follow? Your pals at Holt’s, of course! We’re not simply interested in selling you cigars. We want to take you on a journey through the cigar industry, the brands we carry, and the cigar-makers behind them. We publish new content every day of the week for folks who want to learn all there is to know about cigars. What are you waiting for? Join us now.

Holt’s YouTube Channel & Social Accounts

Check out our red-hot Holt’s YouTube channel with our General Manager of Retail Operations, Anthony Mazzola, aka Mazz, and his Retail Manager, Anthony Micali, aka Faccia. Our in-house team of content creators films Mazz and Faccia discussing every cigar topic imaginable. They cover all the basics from how to cut, light, and smoke cigars to storing and keeping your cigars fresh. Learn how to choose a cigar and the best cigars to buy on a budget. Watch Mazz and Faccia review hundreds of premium cigars and pair them with the best vintage spirits.

Mazz also interviews today’s best-known cigar-makers, including Jorge Padrón, Janny Garcia, Nick Perdomo, Rocky Patel, Pete Johnson, and more. Take a deep dive into the finest cigars in the world with Mazz, subscribe to our Holt’s YouTube channel, and don’t forget to smash that “like” button. And connect with Holt’s on Instagram, Meta (Facebook), and X (Twitter) while you’re at it.

Holt’s Blog

If you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with our extensive library of Holt’s blog articles. Our team of aficionados includes yours truly, Shane K., along with Grant T., Tommie O., Zack D., and our Cuban cigar authority, J. Bennet Alexander. We’ve published over 1,000 articles to date, including staff reviews, cigars 101 advice, cocktail and spirits pairings for cigars, our top lists for every occasion, and more. When you want to know more about cigars, go straight to the source. Come to Holt’s and get the best advice from passionate professionals who work in the cigar industry full time.

Holt’s Retail Cigar Shops – Visit Us in Person!

Nothing beats the one-on-one, personal attention you’ll get from Holt’s retail professionals. Both of our well-known retail locations are staffed with experienced cigar connoisseurs. Visit our retail locations at 1522 Walnut Street in Downtown Philadelphia or 12270 Townsend Road in Northeast Philly. Meet Mazz and his crew of cigar experts in person and make it to one of several Holt’s cigar events we host throughout the year. We’ll introduce you to your favorite cigar-makers while you get your box autographed and enjoy exclusive in-store specials.

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