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How to Do Smoke Tricks With Your Cigar

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With the right cigar and a deep knowledge of proper cutting and lighting techniques (not to mention a good dose of etiquette), cigar smoking can approach the height of an exquisite art form. Yet, the art of smoking need not always be dignified and proper. In the right settings, it can be fun and entertaining, as well.


If you’re looking to impress your pals at the next herf, we’ve compiled a handful of smoking stunts for when you want to know more than simply how to blow smoke out of your mouth. Learn how to do smoke tricks designed to seal your status as the life of the cigar smoking party from our list below.

All you have to do is set aside some time (and a few good cigars) beforehand to practice. Before long, most of your pals will marvel at the acrobatics you exhibit when you show them how to do tricks with smoke. Your buddies will probably put you on a pedestal once they witness your skills. Show off with a handful of impressive cigar-smoking tricks below.

How to Blow Smoke Rings

Let’s be honest, smoke rings are cool… cool to watch, and cool to make. Coolness aside, not everyone can blow smoke rings, nor do it consistently, because they don’t understand anatomy and mechanics. The key to blowing perfect smoke rings is actually quite simple: Use your tongue, jaw, and larynx. Don’t inhale.

  1. When it comes to blowing smoke rings, the actual ‘blowing’ is more like ‘pushing’ the smoke from your mouth into the shape of a ring. First, draw the smoke in, no farther than the base of your tongue. 
  2. Then try to pop your larynx and jaw, similar to when you’re lightly coughing. 
  3. Form your lips into an ‘O’ shape, and the smoke should exit your mouth as your tongue helps to form the ring. 

Practice this basic cigar trick, and it’s only a matter of time before a virtual slinky of cigar smoke will come billowing out of your mouth.

How to Do the Heartbreaker

Win the hearts of everyone in the room with a clever trick that creates a memorable visual. This particular trick is an extension of the Ringmaster, and is contingent upon your newly honed smoke-ring-blowing skills.

  1. Once you are comfortable with the draw and puffing the smoke into perfect rings, all you need to do is add one final step to become a true Heart Breaker.
  2. After you have blown a smoke ring, gently follow up with a light exhalation toward the top of the ring.
  3. If you catch it right, the top of the ring will distort slightly, changing the ring into a heart shape.

It may not last long, but your pals are guaranteed to fall head over heels for your smoke trick savvy.

How to Retro-hale

Show your pals you’re not afraid of second-hand smoke. 

  1. Take a nice normal puff from your cigar and gently guide the smoke out of your mouth by sticking your bottom lip out a bit.
  2. Then take the smoke in through your nose as it exits your palate.
  3. Recycle the bulk of your cigar’s tasty room notes by taking them in directly through top of your beak. Not only does a Retro-hale generate an impressive visual effect, but you actually will perceive a variety of intensified flavor and aroma as the cigar smoke inhabits your nasal cavity.

How to Keep the Ash Intact

This is the only cigar trick we’ve listed that requires some outside help. In order to have a cigar ash that burns down but doesn’t drop, you will need to employ the use of a small wire, similar to a paperclip. Make sure the wire isn’t coated with any paint or coloring and that it’s a material that won’t melt or disintegrate under a hot temperature.

  1. Simply straighten out the wire, and gently insert it into the cigar from the front end of the cigar’s foot towards the head, but not so far that it will protrude out the end.
  2. Once your cigar has been fired up, the wire will maintain the cylindrical ash for as long as you smoke it.
  3. You can even bring the cigar down past the band, and the ash will remain intact. The jaws of your buddies’ mouths are guaranteed to drop open as they stare in awe at the flawless cigar smoking dexterity you exhibit with an ash that simply seems unaffected by gravity.

There you have it! A quirky quartet of cigar tricks that will mark you as a cigar smoking maverick at your next smoking shindig. Practice makes perfect and seems like significantly less work when you’re savoring a fine premium cigar that tastes amazing.

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