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Argyle Conundrum Toro Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

I’m smoking an Argyle Conundrum in a classic 6 by 52 Toro, and let me tell you, this cigar has a special place in my heart. Not because it’s the best cigar I ever smoked, even though it’s pretty damned good. Rather it’s the name, Conundrum, that carries extra significance. According to the dictionary, a conundrum is an intricate or difficult problem, and every time I light up an Argyle Conundrum, it reminds me of the time I wound up in the doghouse over my love of handmades.

Years ago, as a young newlywed and budding aficionado, the stark reality of choosing between wife and cigar became painfully apparent. In the weeks leading up to the holidays, a household budget was proposed, passed, and mutually agreed upon. Shortly thereafter, my wife decided to scrutinize the credit card bill and discovered a recent, and unapproved, cigar purchase in a particular line item. Let’s just say it was for a rather expensive box of premiums that I simply couldn’t resist, and, no, I did not get permission from the Chief Financial Officer before I pulled the trigger. Suffice to say, it was a cold couple of weeks on the couch, but I emerged the much stronger, savvier, and stingier cigar buyer that I’ve become today. Not a penny is wasted. I’ve learned to scour the classified ads, newspaper coupons, and online blowout bins in minutes for the biggest discounts on cigars with the precision of a bloodhound sniffing for an escaped prisoner.

When you’re on the trail of a sale, one whiff of Argyle cigars will take you straight to a stash you can relocate to your coolerdor for pennies on the dollar without raising an eyebrow from the Mrs. And, Argyle Conundrum is at the top of the food chain, my friends. Argyle’s official motto is, “Prime Rib for the Price of Hotdogs.” Button up your bib while I pull dinner out of the oven.

Conundrum is drafted from a toothy and succulent Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a sophisticated concoction of well-aged Dominican long-fillers in four classic shapes, including the Toro I’m firing up today. The band is black, silver, and white. Conundrum cigars come in simple slide-top boxes. They look completely elegant but lack any hints of frivolity. Nearly every hard-earned dime you spend on Argyle goes into the tobacco and the impressive standards for construction and consistency the rollers follow at the Dominican factory where Argyle cigars are patiently assembled.

The second I slide the cellophane off, Conundrum oozes with a mouthwatering aroma of cedar, raisins, and cocoa. The cigar harbors a dessert-like allure with its rich, oily sheen. I have to clip the cap the second I’ve got a Conundrum in hand so I can devour its delicious cold draw of hickory and Tahitian coconut milk without delay. Frantically, I rifle through my desk drawer for a trusty Djeep and commence toasting the cigar’s foot. Ahhhh! Arrgyle! Ahhhh! Conunnndruum!

Vivacious notes fresh cocoa, pepper, and Medjool dates come into play as the cigar teases my palate with plumes of creamy smoke. Alternating notes of baking spices, cocoa powder, and black pepper meld in a chewy mélange as I prepare to tap the ash off for only the second time since I started smoking. Argyle cigars are very well made, but they’re a bit of an insider’s secret. You can’t buy them just anywhere. They’re one of the bestselling house blends at Holt’s, and they’ve been a huge hit for years.

Conundrum is a slightly higher-end, sweeter version of the classic Argyle Maduro. Across the board, Argyle appeals to choosy connoisseurs who demand the utmost in flavor and aroma, as well as to unabashed value fanatics like yours truly. As I close in on the nub, I relight my Conundrum to extract every last ounce of voluptuous taste that I can from the tail end of its terrific profile. The finish is moist and complex. Hints of coffee, molasses, and Moroccan bean soup leave a sublime impression as my cigar peacefully expires on the edge of my ashtray. If the sound of Argyle Conundrum gets your attention, tour the brand’s popular portfolio in one of our premium Argyle samplers: ‘Black Tie’ Assortment, Canopy’ Collection, and ‘Micro Batch’ Monster Deal. Procure Argyle during one of our deeply discounted and frequently recurring deals, and prepare for an onslaught of cigar-pilfering pals to invade your doorstep if you smoke with the windows open.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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