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Alec Bradley Magic Toast Robusto Staff Review

Zack D. D's picture

Zack D.

Today, I am reviewing Alec Bradley Magic Toast in a 5 x 52 Robusto. Legend has it that Alec Bradley Magic Toast was birthed in the middle of a Honduran tobacco field at night with the only light coming from a flashlight. The tobacco growing in this particular field was said to be magical and unbelievable. Company founder Alan Rubin and his longtime partner Ralph Montero cracked open a bottle of whiskey and toasted to the company’s future right there on the spot. Hence the name, Magic Toast.


Alec Bradley Magic Toast is handcrafted at the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras. The oily, brown-and-purplish Honduran wrapper encases a combination of Nicaraguan and Honduran binder and filler tobaccos. The cigar’s pre-light aroma includes vanilla, barbecue pit, and barnyard notes, while the cold draw is much sweeter with hints of figs, citrus, and cured meats.

Due to the insane amount of oils present in the wrapper, Magic Toast takes a bit more flame than usual to get fully lit. Once I get the cigar burning nicely, hints of white pepper, oak, and leather explode. As the tobaccos warm up, the profile becomes overly floral with tinges of barbecue on the nose. The cigar’s spices slowly fade leaving a creamy and leathery profile.

Toward the midpoint of Magic Toast, the profile reveals a full-fledged sweetness. A little bitterness reminiscent of Apple Pie Moonshine peaks in. Thankfully, the bite doesn’t last long as the floral notes balance the profile out. It isn’t until the last inch that I start picking up the cured meat flavor from the cold draw. The cigar finishes with zero spice in another very complex and top-notch smoke from our friends at Alec Bradley.

I recommend smoking this cigar slowly so you can pay attention to its numerous flavor transitions. There is so much going on, the tasting notes easily keep you on your toes. My only complaint about this cigar is the burn. The wrapper is so oily that the burn line is virtually never straight. It never got out of control but required a few patient touch-ups. The draw was easy and allowed for ample smoke production.

Alec Bradley Magic Toast is a cigar I would define as “sneaky strong.” It wasn’t until the very end that I noticed just how strong the blend was. At first, I thought the cigar was a solid medium-bodied smoke, but I would rate it an 8 out of 10 on the strength scale.

This cigar would easily pair well with your favorite bourbon or scotch after a nice steak dinner. Do yourself a favor, don’t sleep on Alec Bradley Magic Toast. This is a cigar that will be in my rotation until further notice, and I think it should be in yours as well.


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