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Argyle Toro Staff Review

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Grant T.

Budget-minded cigar connoisseurs with a penchant for the finer things in life served up at rock-bottom, sub-wholesale pricing will be rewarded handsomely by bookmarking this page. You see friends, we’re on the same team and cast from the same mold. I need to let you in on a little secret now that we’ve established our allegiance. Argyle cigars are the Holy Grail for Value Vultures who constantly evaluate their precious cigar inventory on a ‘QPR’ (quality-to-price-ratio).

For as little as $2 per cigar, Argyle routinely delivers and outperforms cigars costing ten times as much. The Argyle Toro I’m presently enjoying is a 6 x 50 beauty that’s superbly constructed and masterfully created in the Dominican Republic’s premier boutique factory. A beautiful blond Connecticut Shade wrapper cradles a well-aged core of rich Dominican long-filler tobaccos. Generally speaking, I prefer the Toro size because it balances as well in the hand as in the mouth. It also allows the blender to showcase the depth, diversity and mouthwatering flavor transitions inherent in premium, hand-rolled cigars.

Pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming and you’re not in the Twilight Zone. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Sure it looks good, but how does it taste?’ I’m glad you asked. I can read the future for your taste buds better than a carnival clairvoyant. I sliced the delicately and near seamlessly applied triple cap with a quick snip of a guillotine cutter in order to facilitate a cold-draw on the cigar. Instantly, I detected savory notes of cedar, cream and roasted nuts, exquisitely counter-balanced by an earthy sweetness. After toasting the foot evenly and sufficiently, this Dominican-drafted dandy delivers a highly approachable, mild and enticing spectrum of flavors similar to those present on the cold draw with breakthrough notes of coffee and caramel.

At about the halfway point which took me about 25 minutes, my cigar remained surprisingly consistent in terms of flavor and strength. I wasn’t shocked when the firm, white ash surrendered after nearly 2-inches. The construction is flawless. In my illustrious 18-year Holt’s career, I have yet to encounter a single dud from Argyle. I’ve been burned before on other $2 Dominican cigars with fancy labels, slick sales copy and rich pedigrees. Hell, I’ve been burned by $10 super-premium cigars that would be better suited as firewood kindling.

The glorious finale to this cigar came at about 50-minutes, just as my fingertips began to blister from nubbing this bad boy. In closing, I awarded the Argyle Toro a well-deserved 90-point rating. Although I’m more of a medium to full-bodied cigar smoker, I’m fully able to appreciate the subtle nuances and characteristics found in milder cigars. 

Argyle has become somewhat of a hometown hero with everyman pricing here at Holt’s. If you haven’t tried Argyle cigars yet, what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot of money to save! 

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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