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Ashton Aged Maduro Staff Review

Tom O. O's picture

Tom O.

There are times when you smoke a cigar that is so enticing that it can take you to a part of your past and remind you of the first time you ever smoked it or possibly, when you fired it up on a special occasion. A cigar that truly embodies all things rich and complex is the cigar I am currently describing: none other than Ashton Aged Maduro. The Ashton brand as a whole has an outstanding reputation for producing superior cigars in regards to quality, construction and flavor profile. Ashton has been a mainstay in smokeshops around the country for over 30 years, which is quite an accomplishment, and the Aged Maduro line has been around for almost the entirety of the brand’s existence.


When looking at an Ashton Aged Maduro #10, the first thing that stands out is the beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. An oily sheen and a hearty appearance on this Robusto-sized cigar show that it is ready to stand the test of time in your humidor. This particular wrapper undergoes extensive fermentation at the world-famous Fuente Factory, which can round out to almost three full years before it is ready to envelop the perfectly balanced blend of Dominican binder and filler leaves. Anyone who knows anything about cigars knows that everything Fuente does is top of the line and their motto ‘Never Rush the Hands of Time’ truly encapsulates everything they stand for. That particular motto stands true for Ashton Aged Maduro and all of the other cigars they produce on their beautiful farms and in their immaculate factory.

Now that I have introduced one of the most timeless Maduro cigars ever crafted, let’s get into the ‘nitty-gritty’ and light this bad boy up. As soon as I clipped the head off the cigar, aromas of barnyard, sweet hay, and figs immediately consumed my senses. Upon the first of a few cold draws, my palate swells with delight to notes of that same sweet hay but there is also an accompanying syrupy spice, a touch of black tea and a hint of dried rose petals. Once lit, complex notes of leather and earth commingle with hearty oak to form a sublime, mild to medium-bodied smoke. These notes meet with a soft spice that adds a perfect balance throughout the first third of what is becoming a captivating smoking experience.

As the cigar progresses into the second and final thirds, nuances of cacao and rich espresso zoom in and out while the underlying spice is still holding each note in perfect harmony. The burn maintains perfect form during the entire duration and the ash (which is a gorgeous shade of gray that reminds me of a smoky shade of brushed nickel) holds on tight until I am ready to relieve it of its duty. In closing, this cigar always delivers what I expect: a wonderfully decadent experience that allows me to sit back and enjoy the time spent. Anyone who is a fan of Maduro cigars will certainly agree, and those who have yet to try this cigar must put it on their list immediately. If you are looking to complement your personal experience with an Aged Maduro, keep in mind this particular cigar pairs well with coffee, espresso, and rich desserts. Enjoy!


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