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Casa Turrent Maduro Robusto Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

Mi casa su casa, friends! From my humble abode, where my coolerdor doubles as my coffee table, I am kicking my battle-worn Red Wings up to smoke a Casa Turrent Maduro today. A chunkadelic 5 x 54 Robusto serves as a perfect and deeply discounted diversion from my daily ritual of clipping out cigar coupons.

The Turrent family began growing tobacco in the fertile, volcanic soils of Mexico’s San Andrés region in 1880, and they’ve been at it ever since. If you’ve smoked a cigar with a San Andrés wrapper, you can thank Alejandro Turrent who grows tobacco for many of today’s best-known cigar-makers. The Turrents also produce the famed Mexican brand, Te-Amo, but I won’t hold that against them.

Decades ago, I splurged on a box of Te-Amo Maduro Robustos following the misguided recommendation of a former friend. I swaddled the box as if it were a newborn baby and strutted to my car like a proud peacock eager to light up my first “premium” cigar. Regretfully, an odiferous, dirt-like flavor invaded my palate like a mouthful of damp potting soil, and that was the best part. I have since recovered from the traumatic taste of my first cigar, but the memory serves as a bleak reminder of the importance of developing a discriminating palate. Thankfully, Casa Turrent is a far cry from the rookie smokes I dared to probe in my youth.

For today’s review, I selected at random a factory-fresh 20-count bundle of Casa Turrent Maduro Robustos from the sprawling closeout annex of our palatial, climatically controlled humidor, my home away from home. Casa Turrent is a case study in understated elegance. A dark-brown, unctuous San Andrés Maduro wrapper wears a simple band. The wrapper is nearly vein-free and crowned with a skillfully applied cap. I’m impressed by the appearance and, especially, the price tag of just $1.99 for a cigar handmade from premium long-fillers. Because looks can be deceiving, it’s time to light it up and taste what’s under the hood.

The wrapper, binder, and filler ignite evenly with a few flashes of my trusty torch. Decadent notes of cocoa enrobe the palate with silky, smooth texture and a peppery punch. Fans of Mexican hot chocolate will instantly take note as the cigar’s rich and chocolaty profile reveals a cinnamon-like spice. The draw is effortless and cool. Voluminous clouds of smoke hover overhead and fill the room with fragrant aroma.

Because the cigar is densely packed, it progresses slowly in the first twenty minutes before a firm, snow-white ash measuring over an inch lands in my ashtray with a slight thud. The Robusto burns for another thirty minutes and offers an interesting transition in flavor and strength. Earthy notes of wood, leather, and espresso intensify in a lingering, peppery finish. Casa Turrent Maduro is medium to full-bodied by the time I reach its final moments.

I really enjoyed this cigar. Based on flavor alone, Casa Turrent Maduro deserves a solid 88-point rating without question. For under two bucks a cigar, I’m awarding a bonus point for mind-blowing value with an illustrious 87 rating. Casa Turrent is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a reliable and inexpensive bundle to add to your regular rotation. The brand is also available in a Habano and a Sumatra wrapper leaf. And to all the newbies out there, learn from the errors of my ways – leave the Te-Amos on the counter and get more bang for your buck by scooping up a bundle of Casa Turrent. It’s a much safer bet. Put that in your humidor and smoke it!

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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