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Flor de Oliva Gold Toro Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

Today I’m smoking a 6 x 50 Toro from Flor de Oliva Gold. I have fond memories of this cigar from my journeyman days here at Holt’s over 20 years ago. Folks, as you know well by now based on my relentless fascination with bundles, I never overpay for packaging. Nothing advertises a cheap price per cigar like a shiny coat of cellophane over 20 fresh handmades sans the box. After all, you can’t smoke the packaging. If I could, I would buy all my cigars straight off the rolling bench to save the maximum dollar amount humanly possible.

Although, one of the best parts about the golden-blond Toro in my hand is – you guessed it – the “Oliva” name on the band! This is the same exact Oliva that’s brought us dozens of prestigious, top-rated blends, including Serie V Melanio, the original Serie V, Nub, and more. Even seasoned connoisseurs don’t know Oliva was making ultra-affordable bundles years before they graduated to the upper echelons of store shelves where you’ll find the company’s critically acclaimed cigars today. I’ve been with them since the beginning and can fully attest Flor de Oliva Gold is not to be overlooked.

In the interest of unwavering quality control and to satiate my gluttonous cigar consumption, I’ve procured a factory-fresh 20-cigar bundle direct from our palatial, climatically controlled humidor. Every time I traverse the aisles in this modern marvel of cigar storage, I feel like I just pulled the winning ticket out of a Willy Wonka candy bar. At first glance, the bands on Flor de Oliva cigars look like an art project rendered in an ancient MS-DOS program. Don’t judge ‘em by the cover, though. Basic-looking bands are a plus in my book because I know I’m not shelling out my hard-earned cash for fancy labels that look like Renaissance paintings. As I pull a hefty Toro from the center, behold!

Flor de Oliva Gold is densely packed with well-aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos that tingle the sinus cavity when the cellophane is removed. An unctuous Ecuador Connecticut wrapper glistens under the ambient fluorescent lighting over my desk. The cigar exhibits the right amount of resiliency as I roll it between my fingers. With a quick snap, the cap is off between the blades of my guillotine cutter, and I’m igniting the foot with my triple-flame torch the second I complete a few perfect cold draws for a preview of the taste that’s to come.

Notes cedar and ripened Turkish figs layer the palate with a natural sweetness. The wrapper blends harmoniously with the binders and fillers leaving a creamy impression of caramel, earth, and nuts complemented by a savory, albeit fleeting, spice on the exhale. The smoke output is voluminous while fragrant white clouds adorn my workspace with rich aroma. The finish is short and sweet.

After fifteen minutes elapse, a flaky salt-and-pepper-colored ash measures over an inch in length. A minor touch-up with the lighter corrects the cigar’s uneven burn. Flor de Oliva Gold is approachable but not bland. I’d say it outperforms tons of other budget cigars by a solid margin. More sweetness enters the equation while the initial notes of figs and caramel mingle with woody hints of pepper. Strength definitely takes a back seat to the flavor in this consistent Toro.

After fifty minutes, a handsome nub is all that’s left as I allow my Flor de Oliva Gold to peacefully extinguish. I’m ready to crack a cold one. A bundle of Flor de Oliva Gold is a befitting handout at the next herf I attend. I could easily pass it off as a $10 handmade despite its $2.99 price tag. I officially award it the ‘GT’ seal of approval with an 89-point score and a resounding ovation. Best of all, you’ve got three more wrappers to try from Flor de Oliva: Sumatra, Corojo, and Maduro

Be a hero to your humidor and introduce an unsung and inexpensive cigar from Oliva into your smoking rotation without delay. Thank me later!

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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