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Holt's House Selection Rothschild Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

I’m reviewing a special cigar today: Holt’s House Selection in a 4.5 by 50 Rothschild. What I’m about to report could be considered privileged insider information by many. And, trust me, I don’t share my frugal findings with just anyone – only those whose obsession with procuring the finest cigars at lowest prices in the metaverse rivals my own. Yes, today’s review is a treasure trove of trade industry secrets the folks here at Holt’s guard like a book of witch’s spells.

House brands are hardly a mysterious entity. You can find nondescript bundles that you “can’t get anywhere else” at mom-and-pop shops around the country, as well as in the cavernous humidified warehouses of sprawling ecommerce operations like Holt’s, where row upon row of house brands are forklifted into delivery trucks destined for your driveway for, quite frankly, the most absurd discounts you can imagine.

If you’re among the unconverted, what you don’t know about Holt’s House Selection cigars is that these precious specimens are blended, handcrafted, and aged at the illustrious Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic, where prestigious Arturo Fuente and Ashton cigars are patiently assembled. They’re available in two intriguing varieties: Natural and Maduro. Both are created from a delicious amalgam of one-hundred-percent premium long-filler tobaccos tucked under a golden Connecticut Shade wrapper or an oily Connecticut Broadleaf. I am spinning a mellow and mouthwatering Connecticut Shade Rothschild between my fingers, presently, having plucked it from the center of a visually uniform 25-count bundle.

My love affair with Holt’s House Selection cigars goes back decades to my journeyman days at Holt’s when I was an embryonic cigar fiend. From the very first puff, I dreamt of owning a tweed jacket and lining the pockets with bulky handfuls of Holt’s House Selection cigars I could pass out to my pals like an aristocrat who only smoked the best and could easily afford what they cost. “Where does this baron amass his funds for his unabridged consumption of the finest cigars? Is he a Prime Minister, for god’s sake?” I imagined my pals whispering behind my back.

Holt’s House Selection has not only elevated my hyper-acute palate for premiums, but I’ve grown rich by smoking them. They make a regular appearance when I host poker night in my man cave where scores of neighborhood aficionados line up to hand over their cold, hard cash as long as I keep the cigars coming. The aroma alone is enough to provoke you to empty your wallet on my doorstep. With a quick snip to the cap and brief blast of flame to the foot, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Blissful notes of sweet cedar and honeycomb segue into a luscious profile of almond, buttered toast, and café con leche. Elegant streams of smoke lift into the air like cumulus clouds forming fluffy faces as I release puff after puff of pure pleasure from every mouthful I capture. If I sound like a child excitedly reading the ingredients on a box of Betty Crocker cake batter, I can assure you my enthusiasm is genuine.

Hints of caramel and black pepper come into play as I tap off an ash or two into my ashtray. I adore the Rothschild in particular because I love to savor this short format in back to back smokes. I get to repeat my cutting and lighting ritual with overwhelming anticipation – all for a paltry $4.15 per cigar!  

Creamy Dominican spices complement notes of nougat and cocoa powder with nutty nuances as I peel away the cigar band and prepare to harness every last juicy draw. I’m not embarrassed to bring an end to a Holt’s House Selection cigar by sticking a toothpick in the nub or retrieving a tweezers from my medicine cabinet. I’ve done it plenty of times, and I dare you not to follow suit. Holt’s House Selection is the best-kept secret in our massive humidified annex of premium cigar bundles. Score one now, watch your pals cower is disbelief when you share them, and thank me later.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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