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La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull Staff Review

Shane K. K's picture

Shane K.

La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull is a unique cigar in every way. The creativity of La Flor Dominicana brand founder Litto Gomez is evident in Andalusian Bull. The cigar is an homage to Gomez’s country of birth, Spain. The cigar is noticeable for a host of reasons. An oily, mahogany-hued wrapper leaf grown in Ecuador conforms to a dense and bulbous 6.5 x 64 Figurado with a gentle taper at the foot. The shape hails from a cigar mold Gomez discovered in Belgium. The textured silhouette of a bullfighter adorns a green, gold, and black band. At the bottom, the cigar’s name is rendered in a font based on Picasso’s handwriting on a secondary band.

In 2016, Andalusian Bull was awarded Cigar Aficionado’s prestigious ‘#1 Cigar of the Year’ honors – a promising debut for an unknown cigar produced in small batches. An all-Dominican recipe of Criollo ’98 tobacco and Pelo d’Oro is found under the shimmering Cuban-seed wrapper leaf.

The cigar is as unconventional as its maker. Litto Gomez was raised in Uruguay. His family moved there from Spain. As a young man, he immigrated first to Canada and then to Miami where he established a jewelry business. An unexpected turn of events prompted him to carve out his destiny as a premium cigar-maker in the 1990s. Today, La Flor Dominicana commands attention for its acclaimed portfolio of stronger small-batch Dominican cigars. Andalusian Bull is a sound reflection of Gomez’s finest work.

The cigar easily intrigues the eyes with its rich color and uncommon Salomon shape. Hickory, leather, caramel, and coffee beans characterize the cold draw with chewy, damp aroma. The preview reveals classic La Flor Dominicana tasting notes like those found in the intense profile of the brand’s bestselling Double Ligero series. 

Andalusian Bull is solid, woody, and a touch sweet from the first draw. Extra girth at the foot requires patience in lighting. It takes a moment to fully consume the end with an even burn. Alas, the draw is effortless. An even white-and-gray ash appears in the first minutes. Leather and wood are the dominant flavors. Notes of roasted coffee beans are also present. The profound spice found in other La Flor Dominicana cigars is absent. Instead, a lush and leathery tapestry masks a nicotine-dense profile as the initial third of the cigar comes to an end.  

The aroma is smoky, silky, and refined. It’s clear Gomez placed emphasis on fermentation and aging the tobaccos in Andalusian Bull significantly. There is nary a hint of harshness in any corner. As the middle third of the cigar unfolds, its concentrated shape weighs in as does its strength. The blend is deceptively intense and easy to smoke too quickly due to its lack of zest. It’s definitely a cigar best consumed after a meal.

As the halfway point closes, the profile changes little aside from the emergence of creamy and milky texture – an unexpected transition in a large and tapering format. After tapping the firm ash a few times, the wrapper requires a small touch-up, but the burn straightens out swiftly. Andalusian Bull is luxuriant but not overly complex. The blend sticks to a consistent script of leathery, woody flavor that is creamy and somewhat delicate. While a well-aged bourbon would make a welcome pairing, a peaty scotch could overwhelm the cigar’s more refined tasting notes.    

Andalusian Bull burns slow. Both its format and its blend require time. It’s an indulgent cigar that will easily last over an hour. In the final third, signature Dominican spices tease the nose from the background. Despite the cigar’s heartiness, its aftertaste does not linger. La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull concludes with polished flavor that won’t overpower the palate.

Because much skill is required to roll the cigar’s unusual shape, it is produced in small quantities and is not always readily available for sale. When you encounter an Andalusian Bull, don’t hesitate to add a distinguished small-batch cigar from a pioneering cigar-maker to your library of top-rated rarities.


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