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La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Staff Review

Tom O. O's picture

Tom O.

Have you ever found yourself in the mood for a premium, full-bodied powerhouse but did not know what to choose? Well, you are in luck. Today’s pick is La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero and it brings as much power and finesse as any cigar on the market. Litto Gomez created the LFD brand back in 1994 in Santiago, Dominican Republic and they have continued to grow for the last two plus decades. Considered one of the first “boutique” brands in the industry LFD has now developed itself into a top brand with their commitment to quality, consistency and customer service. Litto and his family carefully oversee all the operations at their farm and factory to guarantee all the cigars they produce are perfect for the end consumer. This is why you cannot go wrong when grabbing a La Flor Dominicana out of your humidor.


As I hold the Chisel shape in my hand before lighting up, you can easily tell that these cigars have been nurtured from start to finish. The construction is near perfect and the Ecuador Sumatra wrapper is a perfect shade of dark brown with noticeable veins and a slight tooth. After a few cold draws, it will become apparent to you why the name of this cigar is Double Ligero… Wow! Your mouth and lips will tingle as if you have taken a big bite into a habanero pepper. My palate is taken over by powerful spices, leather and wasabi. Noticeable notes of rich earth, cedar, pepper and hay are present from a sniff of the foot. Time to fire up…

As soon as my cigar is lit, the intensity of the Ligero makes itself known and the room is filled with generous amounts of smoke from the first few puffs. Besides the powerful spice that the Double Ligero is known for, you can easily detect classic tobacco notes accompanied by earth, hay and a bit of tart fruit throughout the first third. The burn and construction of the cigar are exactly what you would expect from a La Flor Dominicana product: perfect. Throughout the progression of the second third, many of the notes detected earlier continue to evolve and develop. At this point of smoking, new flavors of black cherry and coffee beans appear to make their way into the mix and the draw seems to be opening up a little. My Chisel burns cool and clean while the ash holds on tightly during each puff. As my final third progressed to completion, I was still amazed at just how much power this cigar brings to the table, even after smoking a few boxes over the years.

In my opinion, La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero is and always will fall into the full-bodied cigar category, but in no way do I ever feel that this complex blend is overshadowed at any point. Whenever a cigar can marry this much power and finesse it is always a rewarding smoking experience. Litto Gomez has done a great job in the blending and quality control of the Double Ligero as well as all of his other offerings. I would highly recommend this cigar to anyone who has plenty of cigar experience. As for the novices, I would think about working your way up the strength ladder before attempting this one.


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