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Nub Connecticut 460 Staff Review

Tom O. O's picture

Tom O.

As Spring finally kicks in and people can venture out to enjoy the warmer weather and fresh air, it’s time to smoke cigars outside again. For those who are forced to take a “winter break” thanks to cold conditions, getting to smoke outside is a major relief. Not everybody has a man cave or a local cigar lounge to light up in when the snow is falling. I figure what better way to get back in the springtime groove than with a creamy, smooth Nub Connecticut 460. If you’re unfamiliar with Nub sizes, 460 refers to the cigar’s dimensions: 4-inches long by a 60 ring gauge – about as short and plump as it gets.


The short stout profile of Nub Connecticut provides great flavor and aroma with a lingering aftertaste. Plus, you don’t have to block off a huge amount of time to dedicate to a Nub. You can get plenty of premium flavor and satisfaction from Nub without sacrificing the entire afternoon.

Nub has been around since 2008. When Nub debuted, most people thought the brand’s short fat shapes would fade away like a number of other trends in the cigar industry. Today, however, Nub is as hot as ever and fans of the brand eagerly pluck it from humidor shelves in premium cigar shops everywhere.

Nub is produced by the award-winning Oliva Cigars brand in Estelí, Nicaragua, in the company’s massive new cigar-making facility. Oliva has created some of the best cigars money can buy. Many Holt’s connoisseurs are diehard Oliva fans thanks to the insane Oliva deals we feature with freebies and free shipping almost every day of the week. Because we sell so much Oliva, our deals frequently include Nub. Our bestselling Nub ‘Stub Club’ Monster Deal and Nub 8-Cigar Sampler serve as the perfect introduction to Nub if you want to taste the brand’s short thick shapes in different blends. Nub comes in five wrapper varieties: Cameroon, Connecticut, Habano, Maduro, and Corojo.

The Nub Connecticut I’m smoking today is composed of choice Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos grown in the country’s fertile and rich soils. The blend is finished in a silky blond Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. Nub Connecticut is smooth to the touch and shows a minimal vein structure.

Initial notes of almonds, spices, and honey characterize the cold aroma of the cigar’s foot in a pre-light preview. Upon firing it up, ample amounts of smoke from the 60-ring gauge body fill the room with rich hints of cedar and pepper.

With other cigars I write about, I often break the review into the three or four parts – like a beginning, middle, and end – as I smoke the cigar. With Nub, however, it’s a more singular smoking session due to the cigar’s 4-inch length. The theory behind the shape of Nub cigars is that they’re rolled to start off at the “sweet spot.” Nub cigars can burn for a deceptively longer time than you would think.

The overall construction and burn of Nub Connecticut in the 460 format is flawless. When it comes to smoking a smaller cigar, I generally attempt to sit back and smoke the whole thing without putting it down or relighting it. As the cigar progresses from start to finish, tasting notes of coconut, vanilla, nuts, and cedar emerge. As the cigar nears the last inch, the tasting notes merge in an incredibly even and creamy finish.

Nub Connecticut is a true, high-quality cigar that really delivers, especially if you are in a crunch for time. If you dig Nub, check out our list of the best Nub cigars, and give the other wrapper varietals a try. There’s no shortage of short and stocky satisfaction to indulge in. Plus, when you buy Nub from Holt’s, you’re getting the lowest prices in the country, friends.


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