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Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut Staff Review

Shane K. K's picture

Shane K.

Alas, our shipment of the new Perdomo 30th Anniversary cigars has arrived, and today I’m smoking a Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut in a chunky, soft box-pressed 6-by-54 Epicure! Brand founder Nick Perdomo has actually been waiting to release his 30th Anniversary series for a couple of years but had to postpone their debut due to packaging delays during the pandemic. As a result, the cigars have been aging even longer than initially anticipated, giving them ever smoother taste and aroma. Let’s light up Nick’s latest masterpiece pronto.


Perdomo 30th Anniversary cigars were conceived to celebrate three decades of Perdomo, as you might have guessed. For this major milestone, Nick had no intention of doing anything less than spectacular to thank his loyal fans for thirty years of support. What distinguishes the 30th Anniversary line most is the age of the tobaccos. A fifteen-year-old Ecuador Connecticut wrapper is matured according to Nick’s distinctive bourbon-barrel-aging process before the most skilled rollers at the Perdomo factory patiently assemble it over a luxuriant core of Cuban-seed long-fillers cultivated on Perdomo family estates in Nicaragua.

When I crack a fresh box of Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut cigars, they radiate with the consistency that has made the brand immensely popular. The cigars are dressed in shiny cigar bands in a familiar red, gold, and black color scheme. The cigars look and feel immaculate when I select a golden-blond Epicure from the top row. And the prices remain reasonable – in the $12 to $14 vicinity – for the full suite of sizes.

When I clip the cap and savor a few cold draws, the sweetness is elevated. Hints of honey and cereal deliver a marvelous first impression. Notes of cashew and coffee bean come to life with mellow and creamy nuances as I slowly toast the foot and enjoy the initial draws. A soft spice traverses the nose and dissipates quickly during the first five minutes.

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut is classified as medium bodied, but it could pass for a mild smoke, throughout the beginning, due to its exceptionally silky texture. Fans of the bestselling Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne blend will be easily pleased with the delicate flavor and aroma of the 30th Anniversary. This is a perfect smoke to savor with a coffee or cappuccino early in the day.

Tasting notes of nougat and cashew continue throughout the middle of the cigar with delightful traces of caramel and pepper. A substantial ash develops and stays intact as the Epicure progresses with a perfect burn and draw. I’ve only tapped it off twice in the first two thirds, while the flavor stays creamy and inviting.

Approachable notes of nuts and white pepper mingle over a mature foundation of cedar and fresh bread with wonderful accord. A wide variety of cigar lovers will appreciate this smoke for its soft taste and stellar construction. The finish is buttery and nutty and doesn’t overwhelm my palate, even as I gently peel off the band and bask in the cigar’s delicate flavor throughout the nub. It burns for close to an hour.

Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut is a highly appealing cigar for longtime fans Perdomo, as well as newer cigar lovers looking to explore the brand’s portfolio for the first time, thanks to its luscious profile. Add this creamy gem to your next order and discover why I’m awarding it a solid 91-point rating. And if you’re a fan of milder Nicaraguan cigars in general, add the Perdomo Connecticut Connoisseur Collection to your humidor to explore the subtle distinctions between Nick’s finest Connecticut blends today.


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