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Quorum Churchill Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yard ‘gar that’s worthy of forty-five minutes of your fleeting attention, I’ve got exactly what you need at the rock-bottom price you want! Friends, look no further than the munificent 7 x 48 Quorum Churchill.

Now that I’ve got your attention and your trigger finger twitching, peck away at the link here to grab yourself a bundle pronto. Still hesitant? No worries. Pour yourself a quarantine cocktail and read on.

For this installment of my staff review, a.k.a. “Grant’s Rant,” I’ve procured an entire 20-count bundle of factory-fresh Quorum Churchills direct from our state-of-the-art climate-controlled humidor. Somebody has to do it and I’ve volunteered to take one for the team. No need to contact your pals at the Psychic Friends Network for cigar recommendations, I’ve got your back – and your budget – in mind.

Quorum, Quorum Maduro, and Quorum Shade are medium-bodied, smooth, and resoundingly rich cigars handmade by America’s oldest family-owned cigar manufacturer, J.C. Newman, at their PENSA cigar factory in Nicaragua. Other notable cigar brands created here include Brick House, Perla del Mar, and El Baton.

Tipping the scales at a towering 7 x 48, the Quorum Churchill is hefty yet proportionate perched between the fingers or clenched in my mouth. I prefer to use a punch cutter on cigars rolled in the Cuban Sandwich style such as Quorum because a narrower cut minimizes bits of tobacco form working their way into your mouth as you merrily go about your business. A rigorous visual inspection reveals a thin vein structure and a supple Ecuador Sumatra wrapper that glistens under my desk light.

The pre-light draw offers a rich and spicy sequence of cocoa, pepper, and earth with a tea-like sweetness. As flame touches foot, wrapper, binder and filler ignite completely and quickly. The initial draw is a bit loose for a Churchill, but it’s not uncommon in mixed-filler cigars. If the combustion is too quick, that’s a deal-breaker for me. Surprisingly, the burn rate is slow and steady with a cool smoke that emits pleasant room notes of cedar and well-aged tobaccos.

The first third of the cigar lasts twenty minutes and reduce approximately 2.5 inches of the cigar to a flaky gray ash. A citrus-like zest is preeminent on the palate while rich, darker notes of black licorice and pepper flit in and out.

The final two-thirds of the cigar require a few pinpoint touch-ups courtesy of my dual-flame torch lighter. While the ash is a bit flaky, I have no problem achieving a long ash before a quick tap off in my battle-worn vintage Holt’s ashtray. I peg the strength at medium throughout the cigar’s forty-five-minute entirety. The flavors finish with a dark and spicy amalgam of Dutch cocoa with a fleeting peppery spice.

In closing, Quorum checks off all of the boxes under value and consistency. For less than $2 per cigar, what’ve you got to lose?

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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