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Rocky Patel Mulligans Golden Ferret Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

Attention all Blowout Buzzards, Value Vultures and Closeout Canaries! Lend me your ear, for I come to praise the immortal Rocky Patel for his most creative and innovative addition to the blockbuster Rocky Patel Mulligans franchise yet. Without further ado, let me introduce you to your humidor’s future BFF: Rocky Patel Mulligans Golden Ferret.

Rocky Patel Mulligans Golden Ferret unites two glorious wrappers. A silky, blond Connecticut Shade wrapper joins a dark and decadent Maduro wrapper in a fairytale marriage of flavor and value. Rolled to perfection in a chunky 6 x 54 Barberpole, this perfectly balanced feast for the senses looks as good in the hand as it feels. At this point, in my focused and habitual pre-light ritual, I set my expectations high because subliminally I draw the comparison between the Golden Ferret and the most famous Barberpole of all time, the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Between the Lines.

Passing my scrutinous pre-light examination is no easy feat. Passing it with flying colors and a praiseworthy staff review is about as difficult as keeping Tom Brady out of the Super Bowl. In anxious anticipation, I removed the Maduro cap with furious dispatch and basked in a multi-layered mélange of fresh-cut cedar and Dutch Cocoa on the cold draw. Patience was never my strong suit, so out of the desk drawer came my trusty triple-flame torch. Toasting and subsequent complete ignition piqued the olfactory senses of my officemates and myself with an appealing and alluring room note accompanied by dense, pillow-like plumes of smoke.

The draw was effortless, in fact it was perfect. I was in the zone, completely relaxed and able to focus with undivided attention on the cigar. As I continued to puff away, I was handsomely rewarded with an eventful, palate-pleasing cornucopia of bittersweet cocoa with nutty undertones that segued into a delightful creamy caramel as the laser-straight burn transitioned between the Natural and Maduro wrappers. 

At the thirty-minute, halfway point this delightful cigar gradually increased a notch on the strength barometer.  It started out as mild and flavorful. When it began firing on all cylinders, it topped out at a respectable and approachable medium-bodied smoking experience. It takes skill and masterful blending to successfully create a cigar that can transition seamlessly between flavors while gradually increasing in strength. I tip my hat to Rocky Patel.

As my cigar reaches it’s all-too-soon grand finale at about the 50-minute mark, the tasty Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers harmonize in an applause-worthy curtain call starring deeper and more robust notes of espresso with a restrained peppery spice.

In retrospect, I must say Rocky Patel Mulligans Golden Ferret exceeded my lofty expectations by a large margin. I smoke a lot of cigars here as a senior member of the Holt’s Tasting Committee and I’m honored to award it with a well-deserved 93-rating.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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