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Rocky Patel Mulligans Masters Collection King Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

On this fine day, I’ve teed up a Rocky Patel Mulligans Masters Collection in a classic Churchill-sized format called the King for my next staff review. The Rocky Patel Mulligans franchise is revered amongst frugal connoisseurs, myself included, who refuse to pay more for less. The brand was created as a launching pad for Rocky’s finest side projects and the dozens of concept cigars he blends before introducing a new line.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to hoist Rocky’s Mulligans cigars onto a hoity-toity pedestal with other iconic ultra-premiums, they are darn good for the money and are easily “on par” with the best I’ve smoked from Rocky’s burgeoning portfolio. Rumor has it, Masters Collection was a prototype cigar for the pricey and illustrious Rocky Patel Fifty. If your palate is chained to your bank account, like mine, finding a trusty companion on the golf course when you don’t exactly have a country-club budget for fine cigars is a dang godsend!

I’m definitely not a free-spender who shells out gobs of cash for a cart or a caddie, nor am I the guy who sports monogramed golf balls or a Louis Vuitton golf bag. You’re more likely to find me fishing out the balls you knocked into the pond for free because I’m not too proud to put on a pair of hand-me-down khakis when I head to the course. All that scrimping and scrounging is hard work. That’s why I only smoke cigars that taste the best for the smallest-possible price tag.

For this review, I’ve procured an entire factory-fresh, 20-count bundle of the large-and-in-charge 7 x 50 Kings from Rocky’s esteemed Mulligans Masters Collection. I’m a stickler for perfection and, although I smoke only one cigar for my staff reviews, I like to select one at random from the bundle (or box) and compare it to the rest of the cigars. I look for visual cues to evaluate the manufacturer’s quality control. I scrutinize the appearance of the cigars for consistent construction and color-sorting within the larger sample set. I’m happy to report, no egregious variances existed and all of the luscious, cinnamon-hued Ecuador Habano wrappers were uniform in structure and color.

The stature of the Mulligans Masters Collection King is impressive and perches perfectly between my fingers. The pre-light aroma is a sweet perfume of hay and barnyard notes punctuated with an earthy spice. The cold draw ushers in a mélange of cream and caramel notes with a faint zest and a slight resistance that opens up a bit after ignition.

The cigar lights evenly and rapidly courtesy of my triple-flame cigar torch. A slightly metallic taste is noted in the first few puffs, but it quickly dissipates. The draw opens up within the first two minutes of leisurely puffing and enjoying the cigar. Its ash exhibits a mottled gray appearance with a slightly uneven burn, which is quickly corrected with the pinpoint precision of my lighter’s jets. The flavor is engaging with prominent notes of English toffee, leather, and a combination of wood and damp-earth flavors that I find unique and pleasant. The room note is intriguing and draws a fair share of compliments from my office cohorts.

After about 30-minutes have elapsed, I’ve reached the halfway point of my cigar. A few interesting flavor transitions have occurred along the way, but the strength hasn’t budged a bit from medium-bodied on the intensity spectrum. Dark, robust notes of espresso, cedar, and Dutch cocoa take center stage with a fleeting cameo of freshly cracked black pepper on the exhale. The voluminous smoke output is fragrant and sweet. The ash structure remains firm and holds on for over an inch before I tap it off in the ashtray.

Nearly one hour passes as the cigar reaches its conclusion, leaving behind a wispy trail of smoke and a full ashtray. I’m pleasantly surprised by the overall performance of the Masters Collection King, especially when factoring in the mere $2.99 per cigar price! Because Rocky Patel Mulligans cigars are often on sale and include free shipping on your entire order, you’ve got nothing to lose by tossing a bundle of Masters Collection in the coolerdor today. It’s a fitting cigar to smoke when you’re golfing or you’re just watching the Masters in your man cave.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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