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Trinidad Reserve Staff Review

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Grant T.

Gather ‘round bargain hounds!

As a proud member of the Blowout Brigade and captain of the Varsity Value Team, I’m getting jacked up as I prepare to sink my teeth into a top-shelf gem from yesteryear.

Trinidad is a famous Cuban-legacy brand with deep roots and a rich, storied history. The name alone conjures up nostalgic visions of old Havana: pastel buildings, vintage cars, salsa dancing, mojitos, and of course, sweet cigar smoke!

During my 18 years in the cigar industry, numerous iterations of the Trinidad brand have shimmied in and out of the market. However, the version we’re focusing on today is the one and only, Trinidad Reserve. Originally released in 2012, Trinidad Reserve is handcrafted in Honduras by the mighty Altadis.

Despite a well-orchestrated launch and a mega millions marketing campaign, Trinidad Reserve never panned out for the European conglomerate. Lukewarm demand and years of stagnation eventually caused the brand to sputter off into obscurity like a spaceship out of orbit. During this same timeframe, Altadis USA replaced, rotated and shuffled their executive team 6 times over.

Earlier this year, the new big wigs at Altadis were paying a visit to their Honduran factory when they uncovered a massive stockpile of Trinidad Reserve cigars rolled all the way back in 2012. Apparently, due to a lack of orders, these cigars never left the factory for distribution. Instead they remained in Honduras aging like fine wine for 5 years. With the brand off the market and nearly forgotten, there was only one call left to make. The head honcho at Altadis got on the horn, dialed the Holt’s Liquidation Hotline and viola; your pals at Holt’s have a chunky new closeout!

Now let’s move onto the good stuff.

Trinidad Reserve showcases an oily, supple, gingerbread-hued Ecuador Habano wrapper. Attractive in appearance, this beauty comes garnished with a classic, Cuban-style band and a pigtail top. As I roll it back and forth across my palm, it’s clear the construction is excellent. I’ll be smoking the Toro size which weighs in at 6 x 54. The pre-light draw is nice and nutty.

Upon ignition, the flavor-profile is very creamy and smooth. The room note is pleasant, while light notes of leather and coffee accompany hints of cedar and pepper. As I continue to puff, the volume of smoke is substantial and the burn is razor sharp. The interior blend is comprised of premium long-fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua. Approaching the halfway point, the profile continues to exhibit an elegant richness and balance.

The back half offers more of the same loveliness. Pleasant, creamy and nutty flavors followed by a smooth, clean finish. Strength-wise this cigar sits at the upper end of mild-medium. Not a powerhouse that’ll knock your socks off, but certainly nothing to sneeze at either.

At the end of the day, what you’re getting with Trinidad Reserve is an eye-popping, jaw-dropping, show-stopping value courtesy of none other than yours truly. As your preferred curator of the finest closeouts, Holt’s has the market cornered on the entire remaining inventory of this Cuban-legacy classic. Our everyday low prices start at $2.49 per cigar with an incredible 76% savings baked-in, while supplies last!

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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