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Accessories Series: Best Humidors for Cigars

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A humidor serves a vital purpose whether you’re a diehard cigar collector or you’ve just purchased a handful of cigars from your local smokeshop. Premium, handcrafted cigars need to be humidified in order to stay fresh. If you’ve ever smoked a cigar that burned up as fast as the head of a match, chances are good it was dried out. Storing your smokes in a quality humidor that is properly maintained means that you can enjoy them anytime you want, well after they’ve been purchased.

Before you decide on the best humidor to meet your needs, let’s take a moment to consider the function of a humidor. A humidor is a box (often, but not always, made of wood) with a lid that seals to maintain a consistent humidity level on the inside. Many humidors are made out of cedar, or are at least lined with cedar on the inside. Cedar reacts positively with moisture and encourages your cigars to age nicely.

The ideal conditions for storing cigars are 70 degrees and 70% humidity, but a general range of 65-72 degrees and 65-72% humidity is acceptable. Most humidors are equipped with a humidification device (also called a reservoir) which serves as the humidity source. A number of humidors also come with a hygrometer, which measures the humidity. Many digital hygrometers also measure the temperature.

All humidors need to be prepped (humidified) before you can stash your cigars inside. The process may vary a bit from one humidor to the next, but it’s pretty straightforward. For most traditional models, you simply need to fill the humidification unit (using distilled water only) and gently wipe the interior of the box down with a moist cloth. Close the box up and let it acclimate for a day or so until the humidity level on the inside reaches approximately 70% humidity. (Larger humidors, may take a bit longer to achieve a 70% equilibrium.)

Once your box is in the vicinity of 70% humidity, you can start arranging your cigars inside. Keep in mind, in lieu of a traditional humidity reservoir, there are a handful of alternative humidification technologies, from beads to crystals to humidity pouches, and more. Regardless of the method you choose, here’s a look at some of the best cigar humidors to consider for a variety of budget and size requirements.

Best quality humidor: Savoy Executive Humidor

Savor humidors are available in a wide variety of finishes and sizes. Savoy Executive is the brand’s top-shelf model. Premium Spanish cedar hardwoods are patiently constructed with interlocking dovetail corners. Substantial, solid wood interiors and an exterior dressed in dramatic wood grains harbor instant allure. Elegant details like a classic, tasseled locking key, sharpened corners, and a sturdy cedar divider set the brand apart.

Savoy Executive is available in an array of sleek and exotic finishes. Take a look at the Rosewood and Macassar Ebony editions for some of the most-complimented designs. High quality materials and pristine manufacture prove the brand can effectively compete with humidors that stretch into the thousands of dollars. For just under $325, the 25-cigar Savoy Executive is the best small humidor on the market. Get acquainted with a top-performing brand designed to baby your cigar collection, or get an amazing gift for your favorite connoisseur today.

Best travel humidor: Xikar Travel Humidor

Taking cigars on the go is big concern for many cigar lovers these days. A lot of cigar enthusiasts love to hit the golf course, go hunting, and bring their cigars along on a myriad of other indoor and outdoor excursions. Who knows if you’ll smoke all the cigars you’re toting around, or if all your buddies are showing up? Hence, the advent of the travel humidor. Bring plenty of smokes to tide the entire gang over for an extended period at your next cigar-friendly destination with a reliable travel humidor.

In the contest of form versus function, it’s tough to beat the Xikar Travel Humidor for its durability and its price. Choose from 3 convenient sizes, all for roughly $30 or less. A crushproof ABS molded plastic delivers an airtight, watertight seal with a pair of fortified latches and a stainless steel back hinge. High density urethane foam on the inside cradles your smokes like a Sleep Number Bed, even when you’re launching off a skateboard or parachuting from a plane. Well, maybe not quite, but you get the picture. While Xikar Travel Humidors may not be “indestructible,” they come awful darn close. They also come with a lifetime warranty aimed at the adventurous cigar lover.

Best value humidor: Artisan Humidor

New cigar smokers who want to get something basic that gets the job done and doesn’t cost half a paycheck can add a 25-count Artisan Humidor to the cart for less than $30. Its architecture may not rival the Taj Mahal, but you can choose from three contemporary finishes and a get a great beginner box with brass hinges, a reliable seal, cedar divider, and an easy-to-fill humidification unit. Get the hang of keeping your cigar collection in tip-top shape with a practical and approachable humidor from Artisan.

Best golf course humidor: Travel Golf Bag Humidor

Call attention to your Caddyshack obsession with a novelty Travel Golf Bag Humidor. Modeled after an actual golf bag in a miniaturized size, you can easily stash 8 cigars for your next afternoon out on the greens. A bonus zipper pouch is the perfect place to stash a cutter and lighter while you’re fighting your way out of a sand-trap. Plus, a razor-sharp double-guillotine cutter is included, as well as a puck-style humidification unit. The Travel Golf Bag Humidor also makes a great gift add-on when you’re picking up cigars for a connoisseur who loves golf too.

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