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Best Humidors Under $100

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Shane K.

If you’re buying your first humidor or you’re out shopping for a gift for a new cigar lover, there are tons of possibilities to consider. You can spend several hundred or even several thousand dollars on a new humidor, but you don’t have to. We’ve outlined what to look for in a good humidor, but when price is an overriding factor, here are the best cigar humidors you can buy for under $100. If this is your first humidor, review our instructions on how to set it up correctly to get the most out of your purchase. 

1.  Savoy

Savoy Humidors start at under $80 for a matte finish that can hold 25 cigars or a classic lacquered finish in a desktop model that holds 12 cigars. Several additional high-gloss veneers are available starting around $95. Larger capacity 50 and 100-count boxes are available for slightly more. Savoy is ideal for a variety of reasons. All Savoy humidors are lined with a fragrant Spanish cedar interior and come equipped with a reliable humidification unit and an analog hygrometer. Their consistent construction guarantees a firm seal that locks humidity in perfectly to keep your cigars fresh for an extended period of time. Concealed quadrant hinges ensure the lid closes on a tight track, and a moveable divider makes it easy to accommodate cigars of different sizes. Savoy humidors last for several years and are available in a collection of traditional and exotic finishes.


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2.  Rochester

Rochester Humidors represent an excellent bargain. They’re crafted in a classy cherrywood matte finish in your choice of a smaller 25-count model for under $60 or a larger 100-capacity humidor for just under $80. Rochester humidors are cedar-lined and come with an analog hygrometer and a standard reservoir, which absorbs an ample amount of moisture. The brand is well-known for its substantial materials and its reliability. Heavy-duty corner hinges support the weight of the lid and a thick interior lip creates an above-average seal to maintain consistent humidity with minimal fuss. Consider Rochester for a quality humidor in a contemporary color that looks great in any office or man cave.


Shop Rochester Cigar Humidors

3.  Artisan

For under $30, Artisan Humidors are great for new cigar lovers. They’re basic and inexpensive but well-made, and they’re available in three distinctive finishes, the Champagne, the Hamilton, and the Outlaw. Artisan humidors are outfitted with a standard puck-sized humidification unit you can easily mount to the lid. Concealed corner hinges ensure the lid closes precisely and the interior lip is thick enough to maintain an adequate seal over a long period of time. Artisan humidors make perfect sense when you’re just getting into cigars and you want to experiment with different brands by buying a few singles here and there versus splurging on a full box. A lot of seasoned smokers will pick up an Artisan as a backup when their main humidor begins to overflow.


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4.  Xikar Travel Humidor

The Xikar Travel Humidor is available in 5, 10, and 15-cigar capacities for $23 to $30. It’s made from an extra-durable crushproof plastic with an airtight and watertight seal. On the inside, a soft, high-density foam lining secures each layer of cigars when you’re traveling, camping, or hunting. The Xikar Travel Humidor is perfect for the aficionado who only keeps a few cigars on hand or regularly takes them out of the house to smoke. A small, replaceable Boveda humidity pouch keeps your cigars fresh for several months with no fuss. Simply toss a new pouch in when the original stiffens up and its humidity is exhausted. Setting up a travel humidor has never been easier.


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