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Top Lancero Cigars

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The best Lancero cigars enjoy a niche audience. The long and slender shape is classic but overshadowed today by the popularity of ultra-fat cigars. The format was made famous in Cuba by Fidel Castro who frequently touted a Cohiba Lancero in his hand. Lanceros are often confused with Panatelas because the differences between the two are minimal. All Lanceros are Panatelas by definition, but only long (or Gran) Panatelas are Lanceros. The dimensions of a Lancero are 7.5 inches in length with a 38 ring gauge.

Back in 2008, demand for Lanceros surged, and all the big manufacturers began producing their most popular blends in the long slim format. The trend lasted a few years but was fleeting among consumers. We can see them making a comeback again one day. Cigar-makers have always loved Lanceros because a greater emphasis is given to the wrapper leaf in a cigar’s flavor profile. Crafting Lanceros requires extra skill – it’s easy to overfill or plug the shape with too much binder or filler. Precision is important when rolling a thin cigar. The best Lancero cigars draw perfectly every time, though. Give this classic shape a try by smoking one of the top Lancero cigars available today.

1. Fuente Fuente Opus X Lancero (7.5 x 41)

Fuente Fuente Opus X isn’t the easiest cigar to find due to its rarity, but when you come across a Lancero, don’t hesitate to pick it up. The exclusive all-Dominican blend is particularly vibrant in a slender shape. Opus X is best known for its Shade Grown Dominican wrapper leaf, and in a Lancero you’re treated to an extra-zesty profile of cedar, fresh ground coffee, and leather from start to finish. Classic Fuente spices resonate like never before because the wrapper is especially savory. Taste the finest Lancero from Arturo Fuente.

Strength: Full
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Dominican

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2. My Father La Promesa (7.5 x 38)

A Cuban-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador harbors a concentrated interior of Nicaraguan long-fillers in My Father La Promesa. The woody and zesty profile introduces smoky hints of nuts before an earthy finish reveals a touch of sweetness at the end. The aroma and flavor show off Pepin Garcia’s mastery as a blender with Cubanesque taste and an enticing room note.

Strength: Medium-Full
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

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3. Don Pepin Garcia Original Lancero (6.875 x 36)

Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia has blended dozens of the highest-rated Nicaraguan cigars over the past 20 years. Don Pepin Garcia Original is one of his earliest hits. The 94-rated blend is still available in a traditional Lancero shape. Notes of red and black pepper, earth, and roasted chestnuts command attention courtesy of a spicy, reddish-brown Corojo Oscuro wrapper supported by a bracing combination of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos.

Strength: Full
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Corojo Oscuro

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4. Oliva Serie V Lancero (7 x 38)

The 95-rated Oliva Serie V has contributed much to the brand’s popularity over the past decade. A hearty profile of Nicaraguan long-fillers lies beneath an oily Ecuador Habano wrapper leaf. Full-bodied notes of leather, earth, and cayenne register with substantial intensity in a well-made Lancero. Smoke it slow with a vintage single malt scotch.  

Strength: Full
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

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5. Tatuaje El Triunfador Original Lancero (7.5 x 38)

Tatuaje’s small-batch El Triunfador is handmade in Nicaragua from a robust recipe of aged Nicaraguan long-fillers beneath an oily dark-chocolate-hued Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Chewy notes of molasses, earth, and spices converge in a meaty full-bodied finish with a little more sweetness thanks to the Broadleaf wrapper. Indulge in its dense flavor with a glass of port or a straightforward bourbon like Four Roses.

Strength: Full
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

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