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Best Mild Cigar Samplers

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Mild cigars occupy a timeless place in the humidor for many cigar lovers. Mild cigars are often the first cigars we smoke when we’re introduced to premium tobaccos. Even those who graduate to fuller bodied brands over time still appreciate the easygoing, approachable taste milder cigars offer. Like stronger cigars, milder smokes are ideal for certain times of the day or during special occasions. Maybe you want to smoke a cigar early in the morning or you’re planning to knock the golf ball around on a hot, sunny day. Both are excellent opportunities to enjoy a mild cigar.

We’ve outlined the Top 5 Best Mild Cigar Samplers available today. Rediscover your love of mild cigars or consider any of the following selections a safe bet when you want the perfect gift to impress an aficionado who prefers lighter cigars.

#1 - Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment

Taste five prestigious Dominican cigars from a world-renowned brand in the Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment. The original Ashton Classic and Ashton Cabinet are drafted from silky golden Connecticut Shade wrappers sewn in the Connecticut River Valley. Toasted, creamy flavors of cashews, almonds, and spices abound. Ashton Aged Maduro reflects a luscious 92-rated profile with a succulent Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Additionally, a pair of 94-rated blends show off this traditionally milder brand’s unlimited potential in the medium-bodied Ashton Heritage and the full-bodied Ashton VSG.

#2 - Arturo Fuente ‘Variety’ Sampler

The Fuente family has been making premium cigars for generations. Today, the legendary brand is led by Carlito Fuente and is considered the premier maker of premium Dominican cigars in the world. The 10-cigar Arturo Fuente ‘Variety’ Sampler is an excellent introduction to the brand’s celebrated portfolio with many of its cornerstone cigars. A Cameroon wrapper embraces the ultra-popular Arturo Fuente Hemingway and Don Carlos cigars for sweet and spicy flavors of cedar, cinnamon, and leather. The original Arturo Fuente Chateau series is featured in a Connecticut Shade wrapper as well as a toothy Sun Grown leaf. A pair of old school Montesino Robustos is also featured. Two of each cigar are included.

#3 - Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment

Subtle notes of coffee beans, nuts, cedar, and silky spices characterize the top-shelf profile Davidoff cigars are known for. Although Davidoff prices can run on the steep side, the brand’s fans are especially loyal. Several popular Ecuador Connecticut wrapper varietals are included in the versatile Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment. Cigars like the iconic Davidoff Special R (a classic Robusto), the Toro-size Davidoff Aniversario #3, and the concentrated Davidoff Special T remain the brand’s most sought-after smokes thanks to the creamy and rich flavors they deliver. A brief overview of each cigar’s tasting notes is included in this elegant sampler.

#4 - ‘Connecticut Cream’ Monster Deal

Premium taste and approachable prices join forces in the 20-cigar ‘Connecticut Cream’ Monster Deal. Comprised exclusively of glistening Connecticut Shade and Ecuador Connecticut wrapper varietals, this rich and creamy collection is an excellent choice when you want the perfect blend of variety and value. The 91-rated San Cristobal Elegancia is included with the iconic, Cuban-legacy of Montecristo, the award-winning reputation of Oliva, the popularity of Perdomo, and the small-batch appeal of Argyle Banquet. Four cigars in each brand populate this awesome mix of handcrafted Dominican and Nicaraguan premiums. Tasting notes of cedar, white pepper, almonds, chestnuts, and coffee with cream feature prominently.

#5 - Rocky Patel ‘Creamy Deluxe’ Monster Deal

Charismatic cigar-maker Rocky Patel shows off his finest milder creations in the Rocky Patel ‘Creamy Deluxe’ Monster Deal. A distinctive mixture of Connecticut Shade and Ecuador Connecticut wrappers embrace a variety of Rocky’s bestselling cigars. Notes of cashews, vanilla beans, crème brûlée, and cedar characterize a number of the featured blends. Four of each cigar include the ultra-popular Rocky Patel Velvet Edition, ‘RP’ Vintage 1999, and ‘RP’ Renaissance, plus two of the hottest ‘RP’ Mulligans ever released: ‘RP’ Mulligans Clubhouse Select and ‘RP’ Trophy Series. Devoted Rocky fans love the diverse selection onboard in Rocky’s ‘Creamy Deluxe’ Monster Deal.

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