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Top 6 Sweet Tipped Cigars

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Shane K.

You’re not alone if you prefer to have a little sweetness hit your lips when you put a cigar in your mouth. Sweet-tipped cigars are simply an extension of our obsession with sugar. A lot of premium cigar-makers frown on the practice of adding any kind of flavoring or coating to a cigar’s wrapper or the tobaccos inside, but others embrace it because there is a sizeable market for sweet cigars. Here are six sweet cigars to consider when you need a good cigar for a beginner, or you’re still a bit timid when it comes to smoking traditional, non-flavored premium cigars.

1. Baccarat

Baccarat is an old-school brand that’s handmade in Honduras in a Natural blend, with a Connecticut Shade wrapper, or a Maduro with a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf. The cap on every Baccarat cigar is coated with a thin layer of sweetened gum that’s made them insanely popular for decades. They’re blended with a mellow combination of Honduran and Mexican long-fillers, but it’s the sweet-tipped wrapper that keeps the masses coming back for more. They’re fairly inexpensive too.

Strength: Mild
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade, Connecticut Broadleaf

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2. Acid by Drew Estate

Probably the biggest seller of sweet-tipped or flavored cigars is Acid by Drew Estate. Acid cigars have been different from day one. Technically, they’re infused with proprietary recipes of herbs and botanical oils in special aroma rooms at the Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua. They’re blended in several flavor profiles that deliver unusual tasting notes of lilacs, cloves, raisins, herbs, tea, cocoa, and even incense. The most popular, hands down, is the Acid Kuba Kuba cigar. When you’re feeling adventurous, it’s easy to fall under the spell of these sweet and aromatic cigars.

Strength: Flavored
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Varies

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3. Nub Nuance

Nub cigars are best known for their short, fat shapes, but a flavored line is also available called Nub Nuance. These sweet-tipped, coffee-infused treats are handmade in Nicaragua in three unique blends: Cappuccino (Single Roast), Macchiato (Double Roast), and Espresso (Triple Roast). Not surprisingly, the names are borrowed from a barista’s menu, but these wildly popular, flavored smokes boast a big fan base with their chunky shapes and their sugary notes of coffee, chocolate, and caramel.

Strength: Flavored
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Varies

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4. Tabak Especial

Tabak Especial is blended and handcrafted in Nicaragua by the fellas at Drew Estate. This coffee-infused brand is available in two varieties, Dulce, which is finished in a light-tan Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, and Negra, which comes in a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Tabak Especial Dulce delivers sweet and creamy flavors of caramel, coffee, and vanilla latte, while the Negra edition is characterized by notes of mocha, espresso, and dark chocolate. Both exceed expectations for fans of flavored cigars, and the sweet room note they create doesn’t linger too long.

Strength: Flavored
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Varies

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5. Tatiana

Tatiana cigars are an inexpensive, no-frills brand that a lot of neophytes will hand out when they need basic cigars to celebrate a new baby. They come in a 6 by 44 Corona in boxes of 25 cigars flavored with your choice of Cherry, Chocolate, Honey, Rum, and Vanilla. This is a straightforward and self-explanatory line of sweet-tipped flavored cigars that won’t break the bank.

Strength: Flavored
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Indonesian

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6. CAO Flavours

The CAO cigars brand is no stranger to trends, and the company captured an audience for sweet-tipped smokes with its popular CAO Flavours line over a decade and a half ago. The most popular editon is CAO Moontrance with its exotic and sweet profile of bourbon and vanilla, but you can also sink your sweet tooth into the Bella Vanilla (a simple vanilla blend), Cherry Bomb (a cherry-flavored cigar), Eileen’s Dream (a cigar flavored with Irish crème), or Gold Honey (a honey-infused cigar).

Strength: Flavored
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon

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