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Best Wineadors

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Shane K.

A lot of aficionados invest in a wineador, or a wine fridge for storing cigars, when their collections grow beyond a certain point. We’ve already outlined the benefits a windeador offers. Below is a rundown of the best wineadors you can buy when you’re searching for the perfect model to meet your storage needs.

1. Newair

Newair has emerged as a leader in cooling and climate technology for a myriad of compact appliances. The company’s cigar humidors stand out for their quality, reliability, and low maintenance. Newair cigar cabinets can hold between 250 and 840 cigars and are outfitted with fragrant cedar shelves and an Opti-Temp heating and cooling system to ensure your cigars are stored in consistent conditions. If your collection is budding past a few boxes, the Newair 250 Count Electric Cigar Wineador represents an excellent upgrade over a traditional cedar humidor. The Newair 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor is an advanced, large-capacity model with a built-in humidification system. Easily monitor the environment with an LED display. Newair humidors range in price from $499 to $1500.

2. Whynter

Whynter produces a variety of refrigeration devices and a full range of cigar humidors. Store and age your cigars in an optimal environment thanks to spacious Spanish cedar shelves and fan-forced air and humidity circulation inside. Whynter’s easy-to-read LED display, digital thermostat, and quiet, energy-efficient operation set the brand apart. In addition, the company makes a range of sizes to accommodate your collection. Prices range from $300 to $850. Options include the following:

  • CHC-122BD – 1.2 cubic feet of storage (250 cigars)
  • CHC-172BD – 1.8 cubic feet of storage (350 cigars)
  • CHC-421HC – 4.2 cubic feet of storage (400 cigars)

3. The Remington Electronic Humidor Cabinet

If you prefer a traditional looking cabinet but want the functionality of a cooler to store a sizeable collection, the Remington Electronic Humidor Cabinet could be the ultimate oasis for your cigars. At around $2800, it’s not cheap, but at over 6 feet in height, it holds up to 2,000 cigars. Six vertical shelves create an enviable display behind a demisting glass door that seals with the reliability of a standard refrigerator. Inside the Remington’s elegant finish, you’ll find all the bells and whistles of a modern appliance, including an integrated heating and cooling system, a concealed half-gallon reservoir, and LED lighting.

Final Tips for Buying a Wineador

Get More Space Than You Need

When deciding on the right wineador for your cigar collection, buy a bigger model than your cigar collection requires. It’s easy to fill a humidor to capacity, especially when you begin to buy and age full boxes. All humidors function best when there is excess space for humidity and air to circulate.

Monitor Your Humidity & Temperature

The low maintenance of an electric cigar fridge is immensely appealing, but remember to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity. Cigars are best stored at 65-70% RH (relative humidity) and 65 to 70 degrees. Refill your reservoir regularly.

Store Away from Direct Light

Because most refrigeration-style humidors feature a glass door, install the unit away from direct sunlight. It’s great to show off the deep stash of boxes you’re collecting in your wineador, but don’t let sunlight penetrate the door, or it will interfere with the humidity and temperature inside.

Take the Time to Season Your Wineador

Even though you can flip a switch to turn your cigar cooler on, season the cedar shelves inside thoroughly before you fill them with cigars. Establishing an equilibrium of 70% humidity and 70 degrees beforehand is essential.

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