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How Many Cigars Should You Smoke a Day?

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Shane K.

If you ask any of your pals at Holt’s, “How many cigars do you smoke a day?” our answer is simple, “one after the other.” We’re bona fide cigar fiends. We live and breathe premium cigars from the second we get to work in the morning until we’re walking out the door at night with as many cigars as we can stuff into our jackets to smoke for our homework into the wee hours. 

Joking aside, cigars are to be enjoyed in moderation. But, we completely understand how and why a lot of guys want to smoke more cigars. “How many cigars should you smoke a day?” is a pretty subjective question. Your tolerance and experience level make a big difference. While there’s not one simple number to throw out, we can easily help you gauge a good frequency based on a few factors.

How Big is Your Tolerance for Tobacco?

I’ve been working in the premium cigar industry for two decades. I’ve sold cigars to guys who smoke 2-3 boxes per week and to connoisseurs who hem and haw for hours over what cigar to buy because they only smoke one or two per year. If you can handle stronger cigars like My Father Le Bijou 1922 and La Flor Dominican Double Ligero, you’ve got a decent tolerance for nicotine. You can probably smoke multiple cigars in a day without getting woozy.

If you smoke mild Dominican cigars like Macanudo Cafe or Montecristo on occasions when you’re on the golf course or at a wedding reception, smoking three or four cigars in one day may be too much. Smoke cigars for the taste and aroma, not to keep up with your pals.

You’ll start to feel nauseous if you smoke too much. Nausea is an easy indication you shouldn’t smoke another cigar. Because the effects of nicotine can be latent, know your limits. If you get a little queasy, set your cigar down and stop smoking it, at least for a while. Eat a piece of candy or something with sugar. Sugar neutralizes the impact of nicotine.

How Much Time Do You Have to Smoke?

How much time you have to smoke is an obvious factor in determining how many cigars you can smoke in a day. Traditional cigar sizes like a Corona, Robusto, Toro, or Churchill last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or longer. Nobody likes to let a good cigar go to waste because there wasn’t enough time to smoke it. A lot of cigar lovers will smoke more than one cigar on a day off from work when there’s plenty of time to relax. Fire up and finish what ya’ started.

What is Your Favorite Cigar Size?

One of the single biggest cigars in our warehouse is called the Argyle A-Bomb. It registers 9 inches long with a 95 ring gauge at its thickest point. It’s an impressive and well-made Salomon. And, it takes about 5 hours to smoke one cigar. If you tend to go big or go home, one cigar per day will satisfy your craving without question.

On the other hand, if a Petite Corona like the creamy and mild Ashton Cabinet Tres Petite (4.375 inches with a 42 ring gauge) is one of your favorites, it’s not inconceivable to smoke three or four in one day. A cigar’s size determines the overall concentration of flavor in its profile as much as the amount of time the cigar will last. Smoke sizes you enjoy and budget enough time to finish them.

How Big is Your Budget for Cigars?

Premium cigars cost anywhere from under a buck apiece for an inexpensive bundle of yard ‘gars to $20 or $30 per cigar and up for coveted rarities like Ashton ESG and Padron Family Reserve. We all dream of a day when we can stroll into a custom walk-in humidor in our man cave and smoke boxes of Fuente Fuente Opus X as if a bottomless supply is piped in through a tunnel under the floor. But, smoking yourself into the poorhouse isn’t recommended.  

Most aficionados save expensive cigars for special occasions and will choose more affordable cigars for their daily rotation. When you want to smoke more cigars, shop around. Get the best deals on your favorite cigars and buy more when they’re on sale. Experiment with different brands and different price points. There are plenty of amazing cigars for $5 apiece. And, don’t forget to check the clearance aisle. You never know when a brand you like winds up on sale for a big discount.

How to Smoke More Cigars Per Day

If you want to smoke multiple cigars in a day, follow a few simple tips to build up your tolerance and preserve your taste buds.

Smoke After You Eat

Eat a meal or at least a light snack before you smoke. Your system can absorb nicotine better on a full stomach. Decide whether to smoke a mild, medium, or strong cigar based on what you’ve had to eat. Save the stronger cigars for after big meal.

Cleanse Your Palate Between Cigars

No cigar tastes its best unless you’re smoking on a clean palate. It’s especially helpful to cleanse your palate in between multiple cigars. When you refresh your taste buds, your palate is much sharper and can perceive a cigar’s flavor with far more clarity. Avoid palate fatigue by staying hydrated and sanitizing your taste buds.

Smoke Milder Cigars First

If you like to smoke a mix of different cigars and you’re smoking more than one in a day, smoke milder cigars earlier and work your way up to stronger cigars. Because potent and peppery smokes like an Oliva Serie V can polarize your palate, it may be tough to taste the delicate flavors of a mild Connecticut-wrapped cigar like Ashton Classic afterward. As you gradually move up in strength, you’re less likely to be caught off guard by a cigar that’s too strong.

Take Your Time Smoking

If you’re rushing to puff through one cigar so that you’ll have enough time to smoke a second cigar, slow down and enjoy the first one. Or, smoke a smaller cigar. Smoking cigars has nothing to do with speed. A lot of guys try to cram more cigars in than normal because they have to leave the house and smoke at their local cigar lounge. To make the most of their visit, they’ll smoke their brains out. Smoke as much as you want, but savor every puff. Time should slow down with a good cigar in your hand. Quality over quantity is essential when it comes to indulging in good cigars.

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