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Ashton ESG

Ashton Estate Sun Grown (ESG) is a world-class cigar of extraordinary flavor and quality.  Handcrafted in limited quantities, these cigars showcase ultra-rare Dominican sun-grown wrappers grown on the world-famous Fuente Estate, “Chateau de la Fuente.”  Blended by the legendary Carlito Fuente, these cigars also contain a marvelous selection of aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos.  The strength is full-bodied, while the flavors are very rich, intricate and complex.  When you first touch a flame to one of these treasures your palate gets showered with a montage of spices.  As rich, silky smoke runs through your nose, a ballet of flavor does a dance on your tongue.  Juicy layers of earth and cedar marry savory notes of spice, nuts and leather.  This flavor bouquet gets topped-off nicely with a light coat of cream, which segues into a rich, smooth finish. When all is said and done, Ashton ESG will go down in history as one of the finest cigars of all time, guaranteed.

Ashton ESG

  • Strength:
  • Country: Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper: Dominican
Double Corona, Robusto, Torpedo, Toro, Perfecto
Packing MSRP Price QTY
20-Year Salute - 6.75 x 49
Box of 25 $475.00 $426.95
Single - $19.00
21-Year Salute - 5.25 x 52
Box of 25 $437.50 $392.95
Single - $17.50
22-Year Salute (Pyramid) - 6 x 52
Box of 25 $500.00 $449.95
Single - $20.00
23-Year Salute - 6.25 x 52
Box of 25 $475.00 $426.95
Single - $19.00
24-Year Salute (Perfecto) - 6.625 x 48
Box of 25 $525.00 $471.95
Single - $21.00

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